is payday loan directory offering a list of payday lenders operating in the UK. The site works as an affiliate site taking a commission of lead sales that it sends to various lenders. As a starting point, offers £20 per funded loan that is sent from the affiliate. will send over a detailed report at the end of each month with a full overview of performance and commission.


Affiliate Performance started working with in beginning of 2014 and using organic SEO methods has significantly increased its traffic for relevant keywords including  “Compare payday loans” and “payday loan direct lenders.”

The traffic sent to in between January (46 visits) and July (585 visits) has increased 12 fold. This has seen significantly higher volumes being sent to and therefore more loans funded and higher commissions for the affiliate.


At, we are happy to speak with affiliate websites, young or old to give advice on the best strategies to increase traffic, conversion and sales. When we start working with an affiliate, we typically offer a £20 per funded loan that is sent to us. We are always happy to negotiate for higher commissions or flat fees based on strong performance. We offer a monthly report at the end of each month and are always happy to give feedback during the year. Promoting us is easy: we have a full range of banners and links that can be used to promote our instalment loans. To get in touch with an Affiliate Relations Manager, simply email: