Autumn Entertainment Ideas On A Budget & Why They’re A Good Idea

The evenings are getting darker and the temperatures are dropping, for many this simply means the end of summer and returning to school. However, for some others, it does mean an increased strain on your finances. During the summer months, entertainment (if planned properly) can be cheaper, with the likes of free festivals, outdoor activities such as hiking, visiting parks and picnics. However, we might not always take advantage of these, and now, as autumn is in full swing, we realise how expensive it is to entertain ourselves in autumn. This might be particularly hard to manage if you have had a big and expensive summer.

Furthermore, September and the start of October brings that new year feeling. With school and universities back to classes, normal life seems to resume for many of us. This time of year re-motivates a lot of people to get back on track, particularly with their saving goals and ambitions, especially after running over budget in the summer.

Our ideas for autumn entertainment on a budget could help you and your household budget. These ideas will ensure you still get outside and enjoy your spare time but without breaking the bank and perhaps needing services such as payday loans. In fact, we hope that the money saved on autumn entertainment means you can improve your financial security, by planning or saving for Christmas, putting a little away wherever you can or repaying your debt and overdrawn accounts.

Idea 1: Save Cash On Your Cinema Tickets

New movies are released at this time of year because more people opt for the cosiness of an indoor cinema when they can no longer spend time outside in the sun. It’s typical to see a standard ticket at a price point of £10 – £12, but there are plenty of ways to save money! Simply searching for tickets can often provide consumers with options for cash back, two for one deals and vouchers at certain times during the week. Alternatively, registering with online film clubs for free means you can enjoy promotional tickets and free, exclusive viewings.

A top tip for going to the cinema is to eat before. Cinema food has one of the biggest consumer mark ups in the recreation market. Reports highlight that some chains of cinemas have up to 1500% consumer mark-up on a small bag of popcorn. It’s the little things that could help you save money but still allow you to get out and about!

Idea 2: Car Boot Sales and Second Hand Shopping

Following our guide on Second Hand September and the benefits of purchasing pre-loved clothing, both for the environment and your pocket, we know how many alternative shopping options are out there. This could be a financially detrimental hobby, particularly for those who aren’t just browsing windows, but actually spending money every time they go out.

Shopping second hand or spending a Saturday browsing a car boot sale is a great way to feel like you are treating yourself and still feels like a hobby!

Idea 3: Re-Think Your Dinner Plans

If you’re not a hobbyist but do like to spend your autumn evenings enjoying a meal with friends, there are several options that could help cut the cost of the bill. The first option is to stay in. For many, this might take away from the social activity, but challenging yourself to cooking a new recipe can make it more fun. If you and your guests are all trying to tighten the purse strings, you might consider all bringing part of your meal to cut down on the cost of the ingredients and spreading the cost of the meal. Alternatively, a lot of free recipe sites will now even tell you how much each meal will cost you to make so you can keep your menu within your budget whilst still preparing something tasty!

Another option is to investigate voucher apps and schemes like Taste Card. A Taste Card is available on a trial for £1 for 60 days and provides more than 50% off at more than 6000 restaurants. Free voucher apps require a simple sign up and provide coupons to some of your favourite restaurants.

Idea 4: Home Improvements

Lots of us put off home improvements during the summer months. In autumn, you could save money by whipping out that paint brush. If you turn these chores into an autumn activity you could also stick to your second-wind new-year goals. Home improvements can be expensive; for example, buying a new sideboard cost approximately £500, but buying second hand and upcycling the piece could save you £370. Although this does still require spending, it can be a long-time investment that could still help you save on planned works or stick to a smaller budget. To make home improvements a bit more social, you can always get your friends involved in the painting party.

Idea 5: Continue Enjoying Those Summer Activities

Summer activities are synonymous with being outdoors. If you are prepared to wrap up warm, there’s no reason for you not to get out there and stay active. Look around your local area for the best places to walk, hike or go for a bike ride. It’s the simple things that can often be the most enjoyable.

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