What Can £1 Million Buy Us?

Henry David Thoreau (the American poet) once said that ‘wealth is the ability to fully experience life’ and here at WizzCash we couldn’t agree more. We have all at some point or another probably felt constrained by the amount of money we have in our purses or bank accounts. The economic situation in the country, from rising inflation to the outrageous cost of housing, has left many people far worse off than people were 40 years ago. Millennials are currently the main ones suffering; working more hours than ever for less money and are also burdened and weighed down by their massive student loan debts.

While this situation is unlikely to change for the time being, it doesn’t stop us from imagining a time in life where money worries become a thing of the past. Our celebrity obsessive culture and rise in social media has made it all too easy to take a glimpse into the life of the super-rich. The lives of wealthier folk have always created a sense of fascination and are a great source of inspiration for many people. Aspiring to a successful life is something most of us can relate to. Let’s face it; it’s always fun to imagine what a million pounds looks like!


Property is by far the greatest cost many of us will experience in our lives. £1 million could mean you could get a mortgage up to 5 times that amount and get yourself a super swanky pad! Alternatively you could buy a few home around the world so that you can easily take a weekend break to New York or Paris if you so wished. While unused, these properties could earn you a great return if you let them out too!


Holidays can seem like a struggle to save up for on a regular wage, so imagine if you had £1 million and could take your family and friends absolutely anywhere? £1 million pounds could easily buy you some of the most glamorous and extravagant holidays and will also mean you can take more of them… Sounds like pure bliss!


If you ever earn a million pounds, it will probably make sense that you invest some of that amount as it’s always best to consider the future and the fact that that mass of money won’t last forever.


Cars are a favourite thing for the super-rich to invest in. As your salary rises, it makes sense that your expectations in terms of cars alters. Some of the fastest and most glamorous supercars can set you back more than £70,000! Interestingly, while one million pounds is an incredibly amazing amount of money, experts have said that it’s not enough to buy you your own yacht! I guess we will just have to settle with a Porsche then…

While it’s great to day-dream of the day you become a millionaire, some of us could be left waiting a while! In the meantime, if you’re in need of a little extra cash injection for a financial emergency, why not consider short term loans? They are a great way to give your monthly income a little boost and can be used for anything from emergencies, save you from being overdrawn and to tide you over until your next payday. Payday lenders are often able to get the money you need into your account on the same day you apply.


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