Complete Guide To Job Hunting

On the hunt for a new role? Fast-track your job-hunt with our guide to getting a new position – both here in the UK and abroad!

Getting A Job In The UK

Rip Up Your CV

And start again. If you haven’t dusted down your curriculum vitae in a while, get it out of the (most likely digital) cupboard and take a fresh look at it. Remember that employers will spend literally seconds – between 5 and 10 – reading your CV. And they won’t even really read it – they’re far more likely to scan it. So do everything you can to improve it.

Pro tip: Tailor your CV for different jobs. Avoid sending cut-and-paste CVs to employers.

Check Your Social Media Presence

Okay, so your CV is sorted. But what about your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles? Your CV helps set a positive first impression. Don’t muck it up with social profiles that could jeopardise that. Assume an employer will google you to find out who you really are – the person behind the CV.

Pro tip: Delete any posts that could give an unfavourable impression of you. You might not have meant them in a bad way, but an employer could get an inaccurate impression.


Treat Your Job Hunt Like A Day Job

Searching for a job is a job in itself. In order to find a job as quickly as possible, treat your hunt as you would a day in the office. Be at your desk on time, set out your to-do list and get on with it in a productive manner. At the end of the day, turn off your computer and relax. Then do it all again the next day.

Pro tip: Dress in professional attire, not your jim-jams. You’re more likely to get things done dressed this way.


Be Positive

Job-hunting is hard work and not without its challenges. You’ll need tonnes of determination, several buckets of positivity and a whole heap of can-do if you’re going to get through it. Perseverance is key.

Pro tip: Transfer your positivity and get-things-done attitude to your interview persona. This shows employers you have an optimistic outlook.

Plan For Rejection

Because it’ll probably happen. Even if you have several irons in the fire, assuming none of them will come off isn’t defeatist: it means you won’t be disappointed. You’ll get there, eventually.

Pro tip: Find out why you were turned down for a job. The answer might prove invaluable.

Finding A Job Overseas

Getting a job abroad is a more challenging task than finding a new job here in the UK. Depending on the country you want to move to, there may be complicated entry and visa regulations. Not only that, it means uprooting from somewhere you might have lived for years. It’s a big change. We’ve created an infographic all about launching a career abroad. Here are some top tips.

Ask Yourself Some Key Questions

Moving abroad could well be life-changing. To make sure it’s what you really want, ask yourself some essential questions and talk things through with friends, family and loved ones. Are you really prepared to move away? Is it really what you want? It’s also important to know your stuff. Whether you’re looking to work at a payday loans company like Wizzcash, or you’re looking to be the latest bartender in the newest restaurant in town, then you’re going to need to know your stuff.

Pro tip: Be completely honest with yourself. It’s the only way you’ll reach the right decision.


Going On Holiday? Turn It Into A Job-Hunt

Off on holiday this year? Make it part-jolly, part-job scout. Heck, you won’t want to spend all your time on the beach. Why not arrange meetings with local employers, speak to recruiters and see if any job fairs are happening in town? It’s a good way to get to grips with the job scene in the place you want to move to.

Pro tip: Use LinkedIn to tell employers you’re headed their way.

Upskill Yourself

Job markets are competitive. And things are especially competitive when you’re looking to move abroad. Why should a company in the Big Apple give the job to you over a native New Yorker? To edge the competition, see if there any gaps in your skills and plug them. This could be anything from understanding a new language to learning how to code.

Pro tip: See if there are any courses you can do for free. There are loads out there if you search for them.

Internal Transfer

Ah, internal transfer. For the lucky few, internal transfer is one of the easiest, most fuss-free ways to get a job abroad. It means transferring to work in a company office in another part of the world and, typically, all the paperwork is handled by the employer.

Pro tip: Bide your time. Telling an employer on your first day that your dream is to move to their office on the other side of the world might not go down all that well.

Good luck!


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