Five Apps To Help You Save Money

Budgeting can get the best of most of us. It only takes an unexpected bill, or a lot of important events to come up in one month, for your spending to stretch your limits. When this happens a short term loan is one option to help you cover your extra costs but it’s best to find a quick and easy way to keep on track. There are plenty of apps out there to help you save money and keep your budget on track.


Cost: Free

Mint is a budgeting app which can be used to manage your money. You can input your bank account details, monthly bills and investments so the app can keep track of your monthly spending. It uses your spending to create a budget for you and shows you the areas where you are spending the most. Regularly checking the app will enable you to see how much you are spending throughout the month in one easily accessible location.


Cost: Free

Unsplurge is another budgeting app but it is one that focusses on saving up for something important, such as a holiday or gift. The idea is simple- you log in the amount of money you have saved to work towards a goal amount. The app also has a social network aspect where you can receive support from a community of other savers. It aims to motivate you to save more money and save consistently because you can see how close to your goal you are getting.


Cost: Free

Groupon is an app which will help you find deals on everything from shopping to meals out. The discounts can be huge, with some vouchers offering up to 90% off. To start saving you just have to make an account. From there you can browse an enormous variety of deals. If you use the app regularly it can save you considerable amounts of money.


Cost: Free but there is a premium service which comes at an extra cost.

Penny is a personal finance coach which you can talk to. The app uses AI to understand your linked accounts and transfers, meaning you can type in a question about your recent spending and the app will help you to find the answer.  This will prevent you from having to search through your statements and makes it harder to miss charges. The app allows you to compare your spending to other months, see an overview of your monthly bills and set spending goals. The app also provides regular updates on your spending, which can help you to reduce your spending overall.


Cost: Free

MySupermarket is a comparison app which enables you to compare the prices of your food shopping from all the leading supermarkets. This means you can find the cheapest place to do your shopping, saving you money every week. The app also automatically offers price alerts which show you the latest deals near you.

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