Five Ways to Save Money on Your Car This Winter

With winter weather popping up in many parts of the country, it’s time to start taking steps to make sure that your car is prepared for the colder temperatures. There is nothing more miserable than being stuck along the road on a cold winters evening.  If this were to happen, you’d be dealing with stress, freezing temperatures and worst of all… a massive bill! If you ever do find yourself with an enormous bill, yet you haven’t got the funds to pay, then don’t fret, because we will be able to provide you with a quick short term loan, allowing you to pay that bill and get back on your feet once again. As we are now in the heart of winter, you’ll need to apply that extra care to your car. Here are five easy steps to ensure that your car is prepared for the cold winter ahead and minimise any additional costs or breakdowns:

Check and air up your tyres

One of the most common causes of a winter automotive emergencies and which can cost a bomb is a flat tyre. The reason for this is simple: on a cold day, your tyres are going to deflate slightly more than they would on a warmer day thus exposing the wheels to additional weaknesses. Don’t worry though, to avoid this problem just keep your tyres adequately inflated. If you need any additional information just check your owner’s manual for details on proper inflation.

Winter Windshield wash

Another common cause that occurs during the winter; ice and frost will build up on your windshield this wintery season, and probably at the most unexpected times too. Regardless of the interior’s temperature, a sudden drop in external temperature can cause frost to build up, leaving you with an icy window that you will struggle to see out of. In addition to this, cracks and splits can occur more frequently when your window is frosted over, so be sure to shop around and buy a winterized windshield cleaning solution. It’s cheap to obtain and will defrost easily and quickly.

Check the components

To make sure your car doesn’t have any ‘technical faults’ be sure that you have checked your oil. Different oil works in different climates, by checking you have the correct oil to work in tandem for the winter season will reduce the risk of any break downs and costly vehicle recoveries. Also check other fluids in your car, especially the antifreeze levels as well as ensuring the windshield wiper fluid is added so the windshield can be kept cleared too.  

Take your car to a trusted mechanic

Like the tyres, the cold weather also affects the majority of the car. To save money in the long run, taking your car to your trusted auto mechanic, asking for a full check to see if there are any problems or problems that will likely occur. Remember though; take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic as some might just find a reason to fix your car in order to charge you money.


Don’t be impatient when setting off on your journeys, wait until your vehicle is properly warmed up because any ice/snow will melt, ultimately giving you better visibility. In addition to this, letting your car warm up allows the engine and other components to adjust with the climate.


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