How To Budget For Your Night Out

Budgeting for Your Night Out Infographic

No matter how old you get, heading on a night out with your closest friends or family members can give you some of the best memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’re heading on your cousin’s stag-do, or you’re simply enjoying a girls or boys night out with your friend-group, there are plenty of things to consider. However, as we get older, our financial commitments will begin to increase, meaning we can’t splash as much on a night out as we may have once been able to. While you may turn to a short-term loan in a financial emergency, for a night out, you’re going to need to budget effectively if you want to have a good time but avoid burning a hole in your wallet. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some simple ways that you can save on a night out.

Stock Up On Carbs Before You Head Out

If you’re prone to enjoying a late-night snack after a night of drinking, then this tip might be worthwhile for you. Your bank account isn’t always going to be too impressed after ordering an abundance of kebabs or pizza for your journey back home in a half-hearted attempt to sober up. In order to avoid this painstaking money burner, make sure to eat a proper meal before you head out, and ensure that it is stocked full of carbs in order to keep you full up until the following morning. Alternatively, have some food ready prepared for you to eat as soon as you get home!

Get To Your Destination Early

While you may be used to being one of the last people to enter the club, heading to your final destination early can actually help you to save a lot of money. Not only will you end up escaping extortionate entry fees which can be a killer if you end up entering a number of different clubs on a night out, but many clubs and bars are also more likely to provide offers on drinks before the crowds begin to swarm in. You get the best spot on the dance floor, you don’t have to queue out in the freezing cold during peak entry time, and you get the best-priced drinks on the night – what’s not to love?

Budgeting for Night Out Man at ATM Infographic

Set A Budget

Everyone is prone to being a little too happy to spend after a few beverages, or simply when they are in the company of their friends, but this can be a dangerous feat for your wallet. Set a budget prior to heading out, and maybe even consider taking out a prepaid card in order to ensure that you do not spend over what you had initially planned. While you may not like the idea of being restricted, it is a sure-fire way to ensure that you stick to your budget, without ‘accidentally’ dipping into your savings.

Avoid Rounds

A common misconception is that ordering rounds can save you money, but this really isn’t the case. If you’re out in a large group, then you are almost certain to find that buying rounds will cost you a lot of money and that’s just for one. If you do end up being roped into rounds however, opt for a soft drink for the round that you’re buying in order to reduce the cost just a little bit.

Use Free ATMs

The ATMs in clubs and bars are highly likely to have an additional fee which will be charged when you withdraw cash, so try to avoid these where possible. If you do need to get cash out, try to do it before the night begins, or if you’re walking down a high street, attempt to find a free ATM on the side of a bank. Using free ATMs can save you a lot of money on a night out if you’re prone to withdrawing extra cash.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks that can help you to save money on a night out and following some of these could see you saving a significant amount of money on your next ‘do’.