How To Impress On A Budget On Valentine’s Day

It’s not how much money you spend on Valentine’s Day or the gifts you buy; it’s the thought that counts. Luckily for you, impressing a special someone this Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. While you can stick to the comfort of a box of chocolates, bottle of wine and a bunch of beautiful flowers, there are numerous other ways you can impress on a budget on Valentine’s Day without the need to spend a small fortune to demonstrate your love and appreciation. With these cute ideas, no one will accuse you of being ‘cheap’, so you can rest assured that you’ll have an enjoyable, yet romantic, day.

Rent A Movie

Impressing your Valentine’s date doesn’t have to involve eating out at a Michelin-Star restaurant – renting a movie at home can be just as enjoyable. With a table-lit dinner complete with a bunch of red roses poised in the centre, ordering pizza or putting together a meal with food already in the fridge can make for an enjoyable evening indoors. If you have a little more money in the budget, why not pick up your favourite drink of choice?

When renting a movie, keep in mind that the type of film you select can set the mood. If you are in the early stage of the dating process, a comedy or action film is best. Nevertheless, ensure you ask your date what type of movie is preferred for a successful night.

Bag A Budget Break

Even though it is most likely too late to bag a bargain flight to New York over Valentine’s weekend, if you plan to stay in the UK, there is still plenty of time find an affordable weekend break. Currently, the Garden House in Hampshire, located in the picturesque grounds of the Queen Anne rectory, is offering a three-night stay for the price of two nights over Valentine’s weekend. From £45 for a double room and breakfast, you certainly won’t be breaking the bank and will indefinitely bank yourself some brownie points!

Find Something Free To Do

While a nice park can be the excellent setting for a date, if the weather is not on your side, you may have to call it off. Luckily for you and your date, there are plenty of places you can go, inside, where you don’t have to pay to enter.

Why not head to London on Valentine’s weekend? While you will need to pay a small fee to get there depending on where in the UK you live, several London museums and galleries, including the National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert museum, offer free entry to their permanent collections. Ideal for impressing your date with your history knowledge this V Day, you are in for an enjoyable day full of fun and laughter!

Say It With Flowers

Flowers are undoubtedly expensive. For a basic mixed bouquet from Marks & Spencer, you will pay at least £25, and for red roses in particular, you can expect to pay anything up to £50 – if not more! There are numerous discounts that you may be able to pick up across the internet to get the best bunch, at the best price, for your partner.

An even cheaper alternative is to pick up some Valentine’s Tulips at your local supermarket. They are a highly affordable blossom, and often last much long than other flowers. Regardless of your budget, tulips are the ultimate option for this romantic holiday.

Regardless, there are inexpensive ways you can easily impress your date on Valentine’s Day this year. While people often associate romance with money, you can equally show your special someone how much they mean to you by renting a movie at home and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or simply saying it with flowers. However, should you find yourself in a financial emergency this Valentine’s Day, or at any time of year for that matter, a payday loan may be able to provide you with help.

How do you plan to impress on a budget this Valentine’s Day?

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