Keeping your home warm during the winter without breaking the bank

In the words of Ned Stark from Game of Thrones, Winter is coming. And it’s coming fast. Already the days are getting shorter, our commutes to and from work filled with darker skies and brisk winds, so you may already be thinking about breaking out the scarves and gloves to take off the edge. The real question is, how do we stay warm when the real cold rolls around without spending more than we can afford? Winter can be tough on our bank accounts and while a short term loan is there in the case of an emergency, we’ve pulled together some of the best ways to save money without maxing out our bank accounts.


If you have any tiled or laminated floors in your home, rugs can be the best way to make your rooms warmer during the winter. Tile floors are slow to absorb heat, and so the cold floor can make the room feel colder, as well as take far more of your money to heat it up. Rugs are a simple and fairly cost-effective way of keeping your rooms warm throughout the winter with minimal costs. Besides, rugs can be cozy, so why not invest? You can always put them away when summer rolls around.

Leave the oven door open after cooking

Of course, this one really depends on whether or not you have pets and children, but using the leftover heat from your oven to warm up your kitchen and the surrounding rooms can save a few pennies on the heating. Using heat that would’ve otherwise been wasted is a cost-effective solution to warming up a room or two, but make sure that you only leave the oven door open when the oven is off and make sure that no small hands or paws find themselves near the oven.

Warm yourself first

Warming yourself up before your room is the best way to get warm and stay warm. Relying solely on your home’s heating system can take a while to warm you up, whereas putting on extra layers can warm you up almost instantly. Then with the use of your heating, you’ll stay warm without needing to have it up high, or on at all.

Block drafts

In the run up to winter, look into having any drafts or airholes covered, even if temporarily. A cheap alternative to draft excluders for under your doors would be pool noodles, a dollar-store option for keeping the cool air out of a warm room. Draughts can be a complete waste of money when you try to heat your rooms only for the heat to escape. Save yourself the heating bill and simply block out the draughts.

Use a fan

This may seem counterproductive, but having a fan in front of your heating source or a ceiling fan on a low setting can actually push the heat around your room, heating it up faster. Heat rises, and so a ceiling fan on a low setting can help to push the heat back down, circulating it around the room rather than simply letting it rise away from ground level and you.