How to Save Money On Back To School Equipment

To your kids, shopping for new clothes, gear and school supplies can contain a mix of feelings: stress, excitement and pride. However the back to school season can also become really expensive. Back-to- school equipment can rank up there with Christmas as a major budget buster for families. Depending on the amount of kids you have, or how quickly they go through their clothes and equipment, you could be faced with a rather large bill. However, don’t fear; within this blog you’ll find some good ideas in regards to saving yourself some money:

Shop end-of-summer sales

School kids generally wear short sleeve polo shirts throughout their educational calendar, so consider browsing through the winter-sales when these items are on offer, possibly saving almost half of what you’d originally spend. These offers might be in catalogues, shop windows or even online. Have your child help you find the best prices as it can be a source of fun for the pair of you, whilst at the same time getting your child aware of what you are getting them.

Hold off buying trendier gear and head to the super market

Preparing your children for school can rapidly become quite expensive, especially when it comes to their supplies and like most kids, they tend to change their minds quite frequently in regards to what’s trendy. This is why you need to be sure you and your child knows what they want in relation to pencil cases, lunch boxes etc. The key to saving money is being firm, once you have bought the item; your child needs to stick with it otherwise your just going to keep spending more and more money. This is why supermarkets come in handy as they are usually relatively cheaper than your other stores. Check weekly circulars of deals and offers and buying everything in one place will save time and petrol!

Bright and exciting equipment

During their school years, most kids tend to lose their items, but making equipment hard to misplace through bright colours and attractive, unique designs may help to stave off the inevitable. This is why by packing all their pencils, erasers and other goodies in bright back-packs and pencil cases will therefore keep your child from forgetting or losing them.

Make a list

Always prepare and make a list, you’d be surprised how much this actually saves you in costs. First of all find out exactly what your child needs for school; the school should offer an itinerary list for what the child would need for each class. So follow this list and don’t buy any extra items because 9 times out of 10 your child won’t actually use it. You won’t need to waste time and money on unlisted items because they simply won’t be needed and what will conclude from this is you spending unnecessary money.

Consequently, this can be a rather stressful experience, however working with other parents, you’ll be able to whizz through your child’s equipment and because funding for school equipment can be rather costly, if you do find yourself short of money, short term loan providers such as Wizzcash could help with those additional costs.

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