How To Save Money When Shopping For Your Baby

Of all the costs you might incur in your lifetime, having a baby is one of the biggest and most vital. While the bundles of joy are usually worth the cost, it can be a steep price to suddenly be paying out. While there is the availability of a short term loan in an emergency, saving money on any and all things baby can provide more long-term, sustainable savings.

Buy Things Second-Hand

While buying things second-hand for a newborn might not sound appealing to some, it can actually be the best way to save money. Newborns grow out of their clothes quickly, and so second-hand clothes will often be as good as new. It’s worth looking into what’s out there, you never know what bargains you can find!

Buy Neutral Clothes

If you’re planning on having more children, buying neutral clothes and gear can save you money in the future. Keeping hold of anything useable can save you having to buy masses of new things all over again if you have another baby that happens to be a different gender to your first.

Breast Feed

Breast feeding for as long as possible is not only good for the baby, but can help you save money too. The cost of Formula can quickly add up, and so breastfeeding, or even alternating with breastfeeding and formula, can help you save the pennies.

Buy Convertible Furniture and Gear

Convertible furniture and gear is becoming more and more popular among new parents every day. Whether it’s a pram that can be switched around and adjusted to your baby’s needs, or a cot that will convert into a toddler bed as they grow older, the money saved in this case can exceed the hundreds.

Buy in Bulk

While you need to be careful buying in bulk before your baby is born, bulk buying can be an effective way to save money when it comes to items such as diapers, snacks or baby wipes. Make sure to wait until you know what your baby likes or buying diapers or baby wipes before the baby is born could lead to wasted money if you end up preferring a different brand, or the diapers are too big or small.

Don’t Buy Fancy Toys

All babies will need toys, there’s no denying that, but it’s likely that your baby won’t hold any interest in the fancy rocking horse in the corner beyond wondering if it’s easy to chew on. Young babies don’t need much more to play with than a few toys, a cardboard box, and probably a spoon or two!

Hold Out For Your Baby Shower

Don’t go buying masses of things if you know that you’re likely to have a baby shower. It’s probable that you’ll end up buying things that you’ll only get an abundance of from your guests, and it can ultimately end up being a waste of not only your money, but theirs too.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask to Borrow Things

If a friend or family member has had a baby anytime recently, it might be worth asking around to see if there’s anything you can borrow. A mother with a toddler probably won’t need their bottle steriliser anymore, and friends who have maternity clothes from their pregnancy might be willing to give up some of theirs to you during your pregnancy days.


Last but not least, look for freebies! Joining groups and clubs can often get you different freebies, or at the very least, vouchers and coupons for money off of vital things you need for you and baby. Motherhood and maternity are always hot topics, and so there’ll always be something out there to take advantage of.

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