How To Save Money On A Winter Holiday

There’s no doubt about it, winter holidays are hugely underrated. Most people tend to take their holidays in the summer, when the weather is better and their kids are on a long break from school. But winter holidays can be just as fun and, as Christmas draws closer, even more special. There are plenty of places to go for a winter holiday, whether you’re interested in seeing Europe’s impressive festive markets or heading to the slopes for a skiing break. Here are Wizzcash’s top tips for saving money on your winter break.

Go All-Inclusive

Going all-inclusive might seem like you are spending more initially but once you’ve arrived, the expense will pay off. All-inclusive holidays can include everything from the cost of flights, accommodation, and transfers, as well as food and drink. If you’re going skiing, some package holidays will also provide equipment hire and lessons. It’s no secret that food and drink in skiing resorts is extremely overpriced, having your meals included can ease the burden on your budget and you won’t have to dig into your wallet every five minutes while you’re away.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

Sometimes you might need to opt for a less well-known resort to save money on your weekend break. The Alps are beautiful but so are the Bulgarian skiing resorts, such as Bankso. If you’re looking for winter sun instead of a snowy escape, this can actually be more affordable than going in the peak summer period. If you’re looking for a cheap break, Spanish resorts like Lanzarote and Malaga are ideal. They still get an average of eight hours of sun in January and temperatures reach around 17C. Even popular summer destinations, like Orlando in Florida, are more affordable in the winter.

Take Advantage of Sales

If you can hold off on going for your winter break until after Christmas, you may be able to take advantage of huge discounts. The January sales are the ideal time to book up a holiday for later in the winter. This is perfect if you need something to look forward to in the dark cold months after the cheer of Christmas has faded!

Large Groups Can Save More

Don’t be put off of travelling with a large group of friends and family, you’re more likely to get a group discount if you do. If you’re not offered a discount, don’t be afraid to ask. You could save a considerable amount of money on the cost of your accommodation, transfers or meals by simply requesting a discount or deal.

Book Directly

Whether you’re choosing an all-inclusive package or simply booking your accommodation, be sure to visit the website to book directly. Using a travel agent or tour operator might seem more convenient but most holiday resorts will offer their own package deals for better value. Using a travel agent will simply add additional expense to your holiday, although their websites can be useful for comparing prices and finding suitable resorts.

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