The Top 5 Unexpected Household Repairs (And How To Solve Them)

Unexpected household repairs can leave a serious dent in your finances, or they can force you into the red and can therefore cause a tremendous amount of stress, concern and worry for you and for your entire family. That is why we have put this guide together for you so that you can take proactive and healthy steps should the unexpected occur, as it often does.

We will start with outlining for you the 5 most common unexpected household repairs. We will then also provide you with our suggestions regarding the ways in which you can move to resolve these situations quickly, efficiently and safely. The final part of this guide will be focused on how a payday or a short-term loan might be used to help you out of your financial emergency, including the proper use of this loan so as to ensure your financial stability for the future. At Wizzcash, we suggest that you only take out a loan with us in a financial emergency and it should not be used as a means by which to attempt to solve long-term debt issues.

The Unexpected Household Repairs (And The Resolutions)

Replacing Or Repairing Your Boiler:

This can be incredibly costly and is, in fact, one of the most common unexpected household repairs, it is therefore by extension a common reason why individuals look to source emergency funding, such as a payday loan. The cost of repairing a boiler can vary, beginning as low as £100, should you need to repair a minor part of your boiler such as a gas valve, or it can be as high as £500, should you need to replace a larger component such as a heat exchanger. When you also factor in the costs of the plumber/technician (which can be as much as £50 an hour) then the total figure of a boiler repair can understandably skyrocket.

If you are unlucky enough to need to replace your boiler entirely then you can expect to pay upwards of £1500. This situation takes on a new level of importance should it require a repair or replacement in the winter months.

The Resolution:

The best resolution(s) for this unexpected household repair is preventative and predominantly pre-emptive. You should make sure that you purchase your boiler in the first instance (should this apply) from a reputable source and alongside a warranty (10-year warranties are now common). Alternatively, purchase boiler and heating insurance or boiler breakdown cover so that you aren’t left completely out of pocket when your boiler needs fixing.

If the above situation transpires and you don’t have insurance or a warranty, then firstly, do not panic. Go online and research the safest and most cost-efficient option in your area, use sites such as Check-A-Trade or Rated People. Make sure that whatever company or individual you choose is gas safe registered and are qualified to fit a boiler to British Standards 7671: 2008 (conditions for electric installation).

Replacing Appliances:

We rely an incredible amount on our electrical and household appliances. Items such as washing machines, fridges and ovens are now integral to everyday life (and are usually used at the very least once each day). Most people simply could not live comfortably without a wide range of different appliances in their home. Therefore, should an appliance or a machine break suddenly, need a repair or need replacing entirely then it can absolutely constitute a financial emergency.

The Resolution:

Should the household appliance that you rely upon break down, need a repair or stop working out of the blue then thankfully there are a lot of options open to you. You can try to make a claim on your home insurance or your contents insurance, however, you must make sure to check the terms and conditions of your policy before you do so as some instances may not covered by your policy, wear and tear degradations, for example. It is also worth noting that any claim that you do make will take some time to create, process and then have an outcome generated and could also end up as an unsuccessful claim at the end of the journey. If it is a fridge that breaks down or an oven for example then you will need a replacement or a repair as soon as possible. If the appliance needs replacing, then one option open to you is to ascertain credit from an organisation or company/shop that offers this facility.

There are several reputable sources now that will allow you to purchase a product/appliance at 0% interest whilst spreading the cost over a 12-month period. Others will allow you to split the cost into 3rds whilst paying 0% interest. If applying for credit does not appeal to you, or if your credit score isn’t strong enough to facilitate a successful credit application, then we would recommend you source a second-hand product either on eBay, Gumtree, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, or via a similar service. Avoid rent to own companies like BrightHouse as a matter of importance. This is because the interest rates are often excessively high, the duration over which you are paying the rental sum is a lot longer than is necessary and this can therefore lead to an increased risk of defaulting, repossession of the appliance in question, or both.

Car Replacement Or Repair(s):

Car replacements or repairs can come in all shapes and sizes and range from minor issues such as a headlight bulb needing replacing, to more major ones such as needing a whole new set of wheels/tyres. The prices can range from £20, all the way up into the high thousands. A car is vital to so many people to get to and from work and in many cases is used in the work itself, such as with taxi drivers and takeaway delivery drivers. Whatever you need your car for, getting it up and running and fully operational again following a fault or a crash (or any circumstances that lead to it needing a repair) is vital. As is replacing the vehicle if the fault(s) are just too severe.

The Resolution:

If you do need to replace your vehicle then this can be a very stressful situation. There are an incredibly diverse range of different purchasing channels that you can now engage with. You can look on eBay, as car sales are popular and good deals are had every single day. You can look at dealerships in your local area that specialise in second-hand cars, you can check out Auto Trader as they are now famous for providing excellent deals on used cars. You should also research finance and trade-in offers and schemes as they can be very beneficial for those in need of a new vehicle.

If you need to repair your vehicle then you should call around your local garages to find the best quote as these will tend to differ between companies, garages and businesses. You may also make a claim on your insurance if this is applicable. In fact, it may not actually be economically viable to make a claim on your insurance as this can adversely affect your insurance premiums. Lastly, you can attempt to fix the issue yourself. This will mean that the only cost you incur is the cost of the part itself. If you are not confident with the fix or are worried about accruing further costs as a result of a failed attempt, then look on YouTube for video tutorials and research the issues on forums to ensure success. Furthermore, if a friend or a family member is skilled with cars and /or mechanics then ask them before you ask a garage/attempt the repair yourself. Please make sure that yourself, a friend or a family member only attempt a repair if they are confident that they can be successful, otherwise they could endanger you or others whilst on the road.

Repairing Your Roof

The roof is one of, if not the most important aspect of any home. Therefore, should your roof suddenly need repair, if it is damaged in a storm and is leaking, then you need to understandably act as fast as you can. The situation can be worsened if you are currently using your loft for storage and these items are at risk of being damaged. Also, a leak in the roof can quickly grow out of control and start leaking through other areas of your house. It is recommended that roofs are repaired or replaced after around 20-25 years have elapsed, however it is generally agreed that maintenance should be an ongoing process to avoid the worst happening.

The Resolution:

The resolution for a repaired roof will vary massively depending on the situation itself. If you just need some roof tiles replacing then this can be relatively simple and should be completed within one day. However, if you need an entire roof valley replacing then this can of course lengthen the process and increase the costs. Before you commit to payment of a trader make sure to use trader-comparison sites to ensure that you finance for yourself a trust-worthy and reputable individual. Then, make sure you get a second opinion before works are carried out. Also, you should speak to your desired workman or company in detail so that you are fully and completely aware of what work needs doing, how long it will take, and how much it is going to cost.

Pipe Damage (Water or Sewage Pipes)

Should your pipes become damaged, rusting and/or corroded, then you will likely have cause for concern. Pipe damage, whether to your water pipes, your sewage pipes or to your internal plumbing systems can have devastating effects to your home, the surrounding areas including your garden, driveway or patio.

The Resolution:

Pipe damage is itself a tricky issue to fix and unless major and severely disruptive should be approached pragmatically. Make sure you check the website, specifically the Responsibility for pipes and pumping stations section, as this will outline for you exactly who is responsible for what sections of your pipes.

How A Payday Loan Can Help

Here at Wizzcash, we suggest that any payday loan or short-term loan product from us is only used to help you in a financial emergency. The above five listed events would constitute such an emergency. By securing yourself a loan from us (having applied and then been accepted), you can address and then solve the unexpected household repair that is causing you stress and/or worry. In most cases, if you are accepted for a loan with us here at Wizzcash you can have the money that you need in your account within a working day. To apply, please click here.