UK Christmas Spending Habits

Christmas is one of the best times of year for many people, and in most cases it is also one of the biggest times of year where people spend all in one go.

With so much to purchase, such as gifts, the Christmas dinner, decorations, and some of the less thought of aspects such as wrapping paper and cello tape, our infographic goes into depth about all of the spending habits that the UK experience when it comes to Christmas time.


What People Purchase

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to what people purchase for Christmas. First of all, there are the gifts, and with UK retailers taking a whopping £24bn over the Christmas period in 2015, it’ll be no surprise to see another huge number for the 2016 festive period. While presents are generally the most essential purchase in many people’s eyes, other factors such as cards, chocolates, biscuits and fruit are some of the top purchases made by Christmas shoppers in the UK. With over 98% of consumers over the age of 16 looking to buy presents, and the average gift buyer set to purchase over 14 presents for more than 8 different people, you can be sure that the figures are going to continue stacking up.


How Much They Spend

While people were beginning to tighten their budgets throughout the 2008 recession and for a few years afterwards, according to statistics, UK Christmas shoppers are beginning to loosen up their money belts, with 11.6% of shoppers looking to spend over £500 just on gifts! However there are 6.6% of people looking to spend nothing at all on Christmas gifts. On top of the gifts, the average spend per household on trees and decorations is said to be £43 every year, so if you’re looking for a real Christmas tree to enjoy in your home, you may want to think about finding where to get one soon.


Who They Spend The Most On

When it comes to Christmas shopping habits in the UK, it’s no surprise to see that the majority of people’s budgets go on their children – with statistics showing that almost 70% of shoppers will spend the majority of their budget on them. Partners and family then have the next look-in when it comes to who people spend the most amount of money on, and friends coming in last – aside from the small Secret Santa gifts here and there.


How much Food Is Bought?

Food is thought to be one of the key ingredients to a perfect Christmas, and the traditional Christmas dinner will consist of a Turkey, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, stuffing, and pigs in blankets. Then you can’t forget about the mince pies and Christmas puddings that are eaten as dessert and snacks throughout the day. The feast truly is a memorable one in the UK, and aside from the gifts, the Christmas dinner is probably what most festive folk enjoy the most about the day. In fact, over 10 million Turkeys are cooked in the UK every Christmas, 120,000 tonnes of potatoes, and 300 million mince pies are consumed every year!


The Average Food Shop

With this amount of food being brought by households in the UK, you would think that the vast majority of the average spend of £835 each year would be on food. However, on average UK households will only spend £161 on food and drink – which means that there are some great bargain hunters in the country. With discount codes and vouchers being used, £51,000,000 is saved each year, with the vast majority going onto food with the likes of ClubCard vouchers and Nectar Point build ups over the year.


How Much Is Spent On Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the most looked forward to events of the year, and is one of the biggest shopping bonanzas that you can find. While traditionally an American tradition, Black Friday began in the high streets of the UK as a day of huge discounts on technology, electronics and fashion products. However 2015 saw a complete transformation of the day as shoppers headed online and caused hundreds of websites to crash as they tried to find the biggest and best savings across all retail stores. In fact, Currys PC World reported a record breaking 30 TVs selling each minute online. Last year it was reported that Black Friday week was the busiest shopping period of the year, with up to £4.3bn being spent. It is now predicted that £5 billion will be spent over the Black Friday week this year, and the figure is looking to keep on going up.


Latest Must Have X-Mas Presents

When it comes to Christmas, there are plenty of must-haves which will be reaching the shelves and this year, there will be a strong focus on the latest technology that will be appearing. The latest Xbox Games Console, the PlayStation Virtual Reality headsets and launch, the Apple Watch Sport and even technological toys such as Zoomer Chimp are highly likely to be at the top of everyone’s wish lists this year.