Ways You Can Save Money When Buying A Smartphone

It seems that no one can be without their mobile phone in this day and age and with the smartphone market being one that is constantly evolving and changing, it is important to know how to always find the best possible deal. With more and more of us cutting back on expenses we no longer need and the variety of phones on the market constantly expanding, it can be hard to know which smartphone will offer the best bang for your buck.

Here are some simple tips and ways in which you can save money when looking to purchase a brand new phone:

Pick the right tariff

To get the best deal for your new phone, you should look towards choosing the very best tariff solution for you. The thing with most handsets is that they can have variable storage, and this means that your package will need to be tailored to suit you. The necessary areas in a new tariff to negotiate include your data, texts, and number of minutes. If you choose the right tariff you will save money in the long run as you will not have the risk of going over your monthly allowance.

If you go on to a certain tariff but find on a regular basis you are not using your allowances, or you might be using your allowance within the first couple of weeks of the month, you can contact your provider as they can sometimes adapt what you are paying to get the right tariff for you.


When deciding on your choice of phone, it is important not to fall for buying all the bells and whistles that can be added to it. Your smartphone should represent your needs, and by knowing what features you will be using (as opposed to those that are unnecessary add-ons) will ensure that you do not spend more that needed from the offset.

It sometimes helps to make a list prior to purchasing a new mobile phone of all the features you use on your current phone. This ensures you don’t purchase a phone for an unnecessary feature, that won’t get used and will only cost you more money in the long run.

Go online

Going online to get a new phone is always a good idea, particularly as most retailers and brands reserve their best deals for the online market. Stick to reputable sites and you will find that you will have access to exclusive promotions and price comparisons not available in store.

Also, check online for discount codes for the stores you are using, and remember to always check reviews from previous customers to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable business. Double check the returns or cooling off period too, just in case your new phone arrives, and you don’t like it for any reason. Purchasing online can be different to in store as you have not had any chance to physically see or use the product. You may also find it helpful to look at phone plan deals using comparison sites. You can compare phone plans from different providers in just one place or website. Phone plan comparison sites include U-Switch, MobilePhonesDirect and Mobiles.co.uk.

Trade your old phone in

An emerging trend in recent years is the opportunity for you to trade in your old phone, allowing you to cash in when buying a new device.  There are also websites, such as Mazuma, which you can use to sell your old device for cash.

Choose the right operating system for you

Smartphones are powered by various operating systems which will mean that you are better off researching the best type to suit your needs. The system that you choose (typically either Android and Apple) will significantly impact on the performance of the phone and its battery life. These things can allow you to make savings over an extended period so be sure to speak to a store representative when it comes to sourcing the right one for you.

Can you benefit from a family plan?

If you are able to do so, you may want to include multiple users and lines into one operator so that you will be able to benefit from additional family discounts. Family plans will often help you secure a better deal for your phone usage all round as the operator will see that you are contributing a lot to their business.

Smartphone can be expensive, so it is always best to shop around. You may also want to consider protecting your mobile phone, there are insurance plans for this and some may even be available through you your bank as part of your monthly account fee. If your phone is damaged, lost or stolen you should immediately contact your mobile provider. An instant loan can also provide help in the event of an emergency, for example you need to repair or replace your mobile phone urgently as it has stopped working. However, a short term instant loan should not be used frivolously as it can be an expensive way to borrow money.

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