Weird Ways To Make Money

Unless you’ve recently won the lottery – if you have, congratulations! – we all need to get out there and make money once our education is officially over. At times, it’s fair to admit that it can really suck. Working doesn’t always have to be boring, and there are a number of fun and exciting ways that you can spend your time making money. While you may need the help of an emergency payday loan when times get tough, earning money doesn’t always have to be conventional. If you’re looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, stick around to find out about really weird ways to make money.

Become A Professional Eater

I don’t know about you, but this seems like the perfect way to make money! Getting paid to eat food? I’m in! More often than not, we see eating competitions broadcasted on our TVs, with people winning ridiculous cash prizes for shoving fifty hotdogs down their throat. Well, earning money this way is definitely possible, so why not start preparing yourself now? With some contests offering a $100,000 cash price, you’ll never have to sit at an office desk again! You just might need to spend a chunk of that on a gym membership…

Help Those With A Hangover

There would be no end to an income with this profession – in fact, you might even experience being fully booked! It can be difficult to save money as a student, but, with parties happening almost every day, you can bet that there will be several hungover teenagers lurking about the next day, no matter how much budgeting they may be doing! Take advantage of this and become a hangover helper. All you need to do is keep their room clean and provide them with the perfect hangover remedies – greasy food and some painkillers. Who needs an ordinary job when some people charge roughly £15 per roommate?

Rent Out Your Shed/Garage

You might want to consider cleaning out the cobwebs and ten-year-old Christmas decorations, but after that – perfect! A dash of paint here and there and you can begin renting out your shed or garage, every single day! Considering that most people completely neglect their shed and garage, why not take advantage of your ownership and charge people to use it.

Manage The Social Media Of A Muppets Character

Another weird way of making money that involves nothing but sitting with a phone in your hands – what could be better? Yes, people get paid significantly large amounts of money for impersonating fictional characters on their social media profiles. Plus, it doesn’t just have to be the Muppets! Any cartoon character that has a Facebook or Twitter profile will need some kind of management, and depending on how famous they are, you could actually make a decent wage! Finally, you can afford that car you’ve been saving up for and start being productive! Or not…

Become A Living Statue

It might not be the most thrilling job in the world, but when at your wits end with jobs, this could be your last option. You may need a little practice for it, but you might not have to put in much effort when doing so either if you pick the right position. Believe it or not, street performers such as living statues actually receive quite a lot of income, as when you think about it, standing completely still for prolonged amounts of time is quite impressive!

Whilst some people thrive in front of a computer in an office environment, it just isn’t enough for everyone, and that’s OK! There are some weird and wonderful ways of making money in today’s society, so you’ll never have to worry about hating your job again!

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