Sometimes we just don’t know what’s around the corner in life. From boiler breakdowns and vets’ bills, to failed MOTs and costly school trips, there are all sorts of emergency expenses which can sneak up on us without warning. Unfortunately, when budgets are tight, finding the extra finance for these crucial short term needs can be really tough, leaving you feeling stressed and searching your brain for ways to get money fast.

The need for short term finance can be stressful and unpleasant, leading to days, nights and weeks of worries about how you’ll meet the required payments. That’s why, when you’re considering how to get money fast, it’s really helpful to understand your options. From overdraft extensions, to credit cards, there are lots of different ways to access quick cash when you’re in a tight spot. A few possibilities include:

  • Pawning personal items
    If you have a valuable item, pawnbrokers can exchange this item for a short term loan (with interest). Once you repay the loan and interest, your item will be returned to you. If you are unable to repay the loan in time, the pawnbroker will sell your item. Before using a pawnbroker ensure you know the true value of the item and understand the terms and conditions of your loan. You can find  advice on the subject here.


  • Selling on eBay
    Whether you sell unwanted items at a car boot or using eBay, having a clean out is a good way to get money fast. From white goods and garden equipment, to those shoes you’ve only worn twice; if you’re short on quick cash ideas, selling items you no longer need online or around the corner can give you fast access to extra funds. Here area few simple ways to get money fast.


  • Cash for gold
    If you have unwanted gold or silver at home, there are hundreds of companies out there who offer to exchange your precious metal for cash. Unfortunately, not every company is to be trusted. This means you should take care to know the carat and weight of your gold – and it’s true value – to ensure you get a fair deal. You may also want to research the company you’re considering selling your gold or silver to, to ensure they have a good reputation. Remember, these schemes are not run like pawnbrokers – you will not get your jewellery back. Learn more about using cash for gold schemes (and what to look out for) here.


  • Borrow money from friends and family
    When you’re considering how to get cash fast, turning to your friends and family is a fast and often less costly option. Your friends and family can often offer you interest free loans and flexible repayment arrangements. However, to ensure money does not affect your relationships negatively you should make sure:

    • Your lender knows exactly what you’ll be using the money for
    • You have a concrete repayment plan that fits your budget and capabilities
    • You both agree on the consequences of failed repayment
    • You have put your agreement in writing

You can learn more about borrowing from friends and family here.

  • Credit unions
    For low interest loans, a credit union (typically made up of individuals who live or work in the same place) can be a good option when you need money fast. Find out more about using loans from credit unions here.


  • Ask for a pay advance
    Some employers can be sympathetic when staff need money fast. If you don’t make a habit of it, asking for an advance on your wages can work well – just ensure the terms of the agreement are understood before you proceed. Get more information on pay advances here.


  • Overdraft
    Most current accounts are available with an authorised overdraft. This will give you access to additional cash quickly and with interest of 19.5% maximum, this type of finance can be cheaper than a payday loan as long as you do not exceed your overdraft limit which can prove extremely costly. Make sure you talk to your bank about your authorised overdraft or overdraft extension in detail and understand your limits before using this as a way to get money quickly. Get the facts about using an overdraft here.


Your Loan in Your Bank Account Today

Here at Wizzcash we specialise in short term loans from £200-£1000. New customers will have a borrowing limit of £300, while trusted, returning customers are free to borrow all the way up to our maximum loan size. Our customers have the power to choose how long they want their loan to last for, with repayment terms of three months.

At Wizzcash we know that when emergency financial needs strike, it’s important to find a solution as soon as possible. That’s why we do everything we can to make our lending process as speedy and as secure as we can.

In the vast majority of cases our customers will receive their full requested loan amount in their bank account on the same day as their application. In many cases our process is much swifter than that. The time between placing your application and receiving your loan can be as little as an hour with Wizzcash. So, how does it work?



How to Get Quick Cash with Wizzcash

The clue to our speedy service is in our name. As experienced lenders we are able to wizz your cash into your account in a matter of hours, so you can rest a little easier when emergency expenses arise.

Our service may be one answer to the question of how to make quick money, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take the time to ensure we’re lending to the right people who can afford to use our service and meet repayments responsibly. That’s why our loans aren’t instant – we need to run essential credit, security and affordability checks to make sure we’re lending to the right people. Fortunately, with our experienced team running these checks behind the scenes, the whole process rarely takes more than an hour or two.

So, how do you get started with your Wizzcash application? It’s simple…

  • Choose your loan
    When you visit our homepage you’ll see a simple loan calculator. You can use this tool to select your required loan amount and decide how long you want your repayment terms to last for. Our competitive APRs make our short term loans some of the cheapest in the industry with our 3 month option coming in at 1265% APR. Once you’ve selected your desired loan size and repayment term (don’t forget, first time customers are subject to a cap of £300) you’ll see all the essential facts about your loan displayed clearly on the calculator. We’ll tell you exactly how much you’re borrowing, precisely how much you’ll pay in interest and the overall cost of your loan. If you decide that this is the right loan and short term finance route for you, simply click Apply Now.


  • Get verified
    After you click Apply Now, it’s time to share your details so we know who we’re lending to. There are two pages of details required which should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Once you’ve shared your information with the Wizzcash team, it’s time for us to take the reigns. We’ll start verifying your information and running crucial credit and affordability checks right away.When you’re worrying about how to get quick cash, this step can sometimes feel frustrating, however it’s an absolutely critical part of what we do as responsible lenders. We only lend to individuals who can afford to make repayments, and who have a track record of using financial products responsibly.


  • Confirm your loan
    Once we’re happy that you’re a good candidate for a short term Wizzcash loan, we’ll send you a quick text or email to confirm.
  1. Receive finance in hours
    As soon as your loan has been confirmed, the Wizzcash team will transfer your full loan amount to your bank account in one lump sum. Typically this will happen on the same day of your application and, in many cases, you’ll receive funds in your bank account just a few hours after making your application.

If you need money fast, our swift service straddles that important line between speed and responsibility, delivering fast loans our customers can afford.


Why choose Wizzcash?

When you’re asking yourself how to make money quick, it’s sometimes tempting to go with the fastest option, not the best option. While there are many alternatives out there (you can get more information from UK debt charity Step Change), we think our payday loan service is one of the best short term lending options currently available, all thanks to:

  • Low APR (1265% – 3 month loan)
  • Longer repayment terms (designed to suit different budgets and lifestyles)
  • Larger loans (up to £1000 for returning customers)
  • Quick applications (crucial when looking for ways to get money fast)
  • No money-grabbing (we’ll never tempt you to take out more than you need)
  • Responsible lending (financial checks and highlighting alternative methods are central to what we do)

Worrying about how to get money quick? Apply with Wizzcash now and receive your full loan amount in your account today. The whole process could take as little as an hour or two. Get in touch or use our easy online application to get started.

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