Financial emergencies do occur, and sudden unexpected circumstances can leave you needing extra income without the means to acquire it. A lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck or on a tight budget which means that many individuals are unable to start saving. This means that should the unexpected suddenly occur, for example, if you receive an unexpected bill, or are unable to work due to a sudden illness or injury, then there is no spare cash on hand to immediately rectify the problem.  Many individuals who find themselves in sudden financial difficulty start to panic and look for loans without credit checks. Though this may not always be the solution.

Do WizzCash Offer Loans with no Credit Checks?

At WizzCash, we feel that it is our obligation as a responsible lender to run checks before we issue somebody a loan. These checks do include a credit check as well as an affordability check. This is so we can be sure that when we issue a loan, we are confident that it will be repaid within the agreed-upon time-frame. Furthermore, we need to be sure that we are not going to be worsening your financial situation. A poor credit rating, however, does not necessarily mean that we won’t lend money to you. All of our loan decisions are based upon multiple factors including a credit and an affordability check, so if you do need a short-term loan then follow this link to apply online today.

How do WizzCash View Your Credit Rating?

Here at WizzCash, we believe that offering a loan without a credit check is irresponsible and nowadays most reputable companies won’t offer you a loan without one. We need to understand a loanee’s financial history, otherwise, we could be making a bad financial situation even worse. However, we also understand that credit scores can be affected by many different things. Poor credit scores can signify that a customer has experienced difficulties in the past, though their circumstances may have changed for the better. For instance, if someone has never entered into a credit agreement, or if they have paid a bill late, then their credit score can suffer. For this reason, we always look at the full case in front of us before we make a decision.

Will Other Lenders Offer Loans with no Credit Check?

The reality is that there are some lenders out there who will offer a loan with no credit check. Here at WizzCash, we take our responsibilities as a lender very seriously. We understand that a company checking your credit score can be stressful, but we do it to make sure that you are in a strong enough financial position to repay the loan, and so we can be certain that we are not adding financial pressure. If, after our checks have been completed, we’re sure that you can afford to pay back the loan without getting into more difficulties, we are more than likely to accept your loan application.

Can WizzCash Really Look Past a Poor Credit Score?

Absolutely, we are able to offer you a short-term loan even when your credit score is less than perfect. This is because we run several checks that are designed to gauge your ability to repay a loan in full whilst fulfilling the terms and conditions of your loan. The fact that our short-term loans are offered over a 3 month period, rather than for example over a 12 month period, gives us more confidence in your ability to pay us back without it drastically affecting your financial situation.

At Wizzcash, our short-term loans, that range from £200 up to £1000, with repayments made over a three month period. These are designed to bridge the gaps between your income and your unexpected expenses. As a result, we do have more flexibility than other lenders because we lend smaller amounts over a shorter period. If you want more information about our loans you can find it here. Once you are ready, just fill out our application form to get the process started.