Our product has been created to offer flexibility to potential customers. As a reputable direct lender and broker, we pride ourselves on our flexible offerings, helping to ensure that those who require aid in a financial emergency are able to receive the help they need.

Our loans are designed to suit individuals in a number of different circumstances, with equal repayment instalments within a 3-month period. We will communicate directly with you throughout the entire process. If we are unable to provide you with a loan, we may provide you with access to alternative consumer credit options.

Wizzcash offer Short Term Loans, sometimes these are referred to as:


We understand that at times, other competitors on the market are unable to provide you with the financial solution that you require. At Wizzcash.com, we act as a payday loan lender alternative to other providers, for example:

At Wizzcash we are proud of our customer services and lend responsibly. . If you have any further questions regarding the product we provide, click here to be taken to our Payday Loans FAQs page. Or alternatively, take a look at our resources, below: