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"No stress or difficulties in the application.i am getting on a bit but even I found it simple "

5 5 Christopher, telford

"At first I was unsure, but a phone call from a cracking customer service rep and everything was sorted. And it was discreet aswell. Thanks. "

5 5 Andrew Gibson , Sheffield

"It was the best "

5 5 lewis elkhuja , welwyn Garden City

"Quick and easy "

5 5 krishna , kent

"It was uncomplicated and everything was explained to me as the loan was progressing."

5 5 david, norfolk

"Bang tidy"

5 5 Vincent allder, Milton keynes

"I would highly recommend"

5 5 Ali, Oxford

"Easy and efficient"

5 5 Alex, Cheshire

"Quik and fast"

5 5 marc, Andover

"It was simple,fast and completely hassle free to myself, i googled payday loans and I noticed whizzcash and it was the first payday loan I applied for, due to my excellent experience I would definitely use wizzcash again as opposed to any other out v the millions that are out there. Actually so surprised at how easy it is to get money when in need "

5 5 Paul, Scotland

"It was very good just what I needed "

5 5 victoria, shawforth

"very fast and effective without no delay it was there "

5 5 paul, hawarden

"Very good company, no harrassing calls. Easy to use service and great reminders by email and text to give updates. Completely hassle free."

5 5 Muneeza, Birmingham

"This short term loan was really helpful, didnt need to worry for my surgery payment .IF this situation comes again, i will certainly go back to it. "

5 5 joel, london

"Easy quick and very reliable"

4 4 Lewis, Darlington

"Fantastic "

5 5 Gareth, Wales

"It was quick and easy and all the information was spot on"

5 5 Christopher Mcguckin , Wellingborough

"Easy and straight forwad"

4 4 Sharon Richards , Swansea

"Love the service and will definitely consider using it again if needed. "

5 5 Rolandas, London

"It was stress free and the monthly installments made it easier to repay the loan. "

5 5 Ali, Oxford

"Everything was sorted on the same day with no hidden fees. Good example of great customer service"

5 5 Lucy , Gloucester

"Was my second loan, updated my details and loan was approved very quickly. Great service and a reasonable rate for a quick loan."

5 5 Rob, Cleveland

"Easy to apply Easily explained repayment terms Useful repayment options"

4 4 Carolyn, Port talbot

"It was extremely pleasant experience. A very helpful team, clear T&Cs, no headache or misunderstanding. The customer service Representative was the most helpful, which not only it surprised me, but made me feel comfortable, trusting and pleased. 10 out of 10 team Wizz! "

5 5 Rolandas , London

"Very quick and efficient good customer service when called and overall painless application"

5 5 Matt beeching, Birmingham

"Easy and no hassle!"

5 5 Mark, England

"Really helpful, was offered a important course at cheap rate and short notice. Wizzcash was able to lend me the money and even pay it back monthly! "

5 5 Lewia, Darlington

"Very quick and easy, a professional company who you feel confident using"

4 4 Kevin, Staffordshire

"Very easy not a fan of talking on the phone so online application was very helpful "

5 5 j d, uk

"it was very simple to get a loan from wizzcash, the application is laid out in a simple to understand manner and didnt take long to fill in, the response time was almost instant and i knew exactly how much each repayment was and what date it was due to be collected from my account, any problems were sorted out quickly and efficiently over the phone my only problem was due to my bank account card expiring but all was sorted and my final payment was made on time without delay many thanks wizzcash and should i ever need a bit of extra cash again be sure i will return to you."

5 5 Robbert, eastbourne, eastsussex, uk

"Getting a loan from WizzCash.com was quick, easy and straight forward. If I ever need a short-term loan again, wizzcash.com will be the place I go to first."

4 4 Steve, Huddersfield

"Simple easy and friendly, if I had known about you before , i would have saved so much time being given the run around by brokers!!! Who never deliver. Wizzcash was fast, friendly and simple to use and i will use again "

5 5 jon, hastings

"The whole process was quick and easy. Applied online and was kept up to date via email. Once loan was finalised money was in my acc straight away. Brilliant service"

4 4 Peter, London

"was nice to have a loan company who actually check that you can afford the repayments before they lend A* guys"

5 5 james, hampshire

"Wizzcash was very quick and easy to use. I applied online and within minutes received information and was constantly updated via email as to the status, money was transfered very quickly. A very good experience"

5 5 Muneeza Rashid, Birmingham

"Very quick service, great when you need a few extra quid, repayments are easy with reminders "

5 5 Jamie, Basildon

"Quick easy and stress free"

5 5 Charlotte, Plymouth

"The service is fast and efficient.. The kind of service a person wants in their time of needs. We all fall short sometimes, it is great to know that a company like Wizzcash is there to help when that happens."

5 5 Willin, Buckingham, UK

"Fast,clear information,reliable,would recommend."

5 5 Vanessa wood, Wigan

"It was a straightforward process with quick funding."

5 5 Carolann Veitch, Scotland

"Refreshingly easy"

5 5 Andrew, Northumberland

"It was fairly easy, fast and reliable."

4 4 Frazer whewell, Merseyside

"No nonsense and easy."

4 4 Graeme, London

"Loan was a god send. Thank so much for your help and efficiency."

5 5 Joanne, West Midlands

"Quick and easy"

5 5 lesley, pontypridd

"Easy very helpful no problems."

5 5 Stephen, London

"Quick and easy! Got me the money I needed very promptly! Would use again"

5 5 Aaron, Aberdeen

"Straightforward and professional, explained everything well, checked all details quickly and kept me informed at all times."

5 5 Rob, cleveland

"The customer service was amazing. The woman who called me was very helpful and polite. I was surprised by how quickly my claim was dealt with. I would definitely use you again. "

5 5 Christine, Blackpool

"Getting a loan from WizzCash was quick and simple. Once they had the required info, loan was paid out right away. Early repayment option was second to none. Would definitely recommend "

5 5 Craig, Glenrothes

"No nonsense good service, checked all info very well and very professional at all times."

5 5 Rob, Cleveland

"Easy, interest levels are good and quickly processed."

5 5 MATTHEW, Yeovil

"Was extremely helpful in a potentially difficult situation "

5 5 Gareth , Neath

"Easy and fast"

5 5 Brian, liverpool


5 5 Joel, Horsham

"I find wisscash to be very efficient and fast and took the stress out of waiting for a decision like most loan companies"

5 5 peter, grimsby

"It was very easy to apply, the decision process was quick and efficient and your text and email reminders help ensure that repayments are collected smoothly and with minimum fuss."

5 5 Chris, Waltham Cross

"Easy application, although someone does contact your work to verify employment, was easy for me to talk, may not be for everyone. The money was in my account very quickly. Myfirst payment cand put without a hitch and very regular notifications. Thank you for your services"

5 5 nikki, dundee

"Very Easy"

4 4 Casey, lincoln

"The ease of the experience really took the stress away from an unexpected expense. Simple and easy to do. "

5 5 Anthony , Manchester

"Quick and no hassle loan with interest rates shown clearly. Would happily deal with again , nice loan company "

5 5 Amanda dickson , Preston


5 5 Dean , Norwich

"It was a quick and painless process and money was sent straight away."

5 5 Ashley, London

"Very easy process and what was relayed was sufficient information and very satisfying service."

5 5 Lisa , Essex

"After applying I was informed that it would be Monday before the application would be reviewed. I had applied on a weekend. This was slightly annoying but understandable. On Monday someone contacted me, confirmed a few details and the money was transferred the same day. The entire process was painless and quick once the office has opened."

4 4 Stevan, Huddersfield

"Very manageable and a speedy application process. Overall very pleased. Thank you"

5 5 Leah, Wales

"I found wizzcash very helpful, the staff were excellent. The whole process was very clear. Will use again if I need to."

5 5 Debra, Wolverhampton

"Fast & easy process, very simple to understand"

4 4 Stacy, Cheshire

"easy , fast and straightforward"

5 5 andrea, antrim

"I found the whole site very easy to manage, I like the fact that I did not get letters home and it was managed on email. Non evasive, very easy and would recommend"

4 4 Andrea, South Yorkshire

"Quick and simple, and it meant the kids could really enjoy the holiday we had. Thank you wizzcash"

4 4 andrew, st leonards

"fast and easy with a clear explantion of what it costs."

5 5 shane , dewsbury

"Extremely simple, no hassle or fuss. Unlike other loan companies, wizzcash actually care about the customer and take time ensuring you can afford the loan."

5 5 David , London

"Wizzcash it good you to get a quick loan and easy to apply. Take 3 month repayment .good choice"

5 5 Arunee, Barnsley

"Fast and straight forward no paperwork. Took a load off my mind thank you."

5 5 Joanne, Solihull west midlands

"Really efficient. Clear on requirements and fats and easy to use. Well done!"

4 4 Brian, Aberdeenshire

"Very handy and so super efficient!!"

4 4 Ann, West Wickham

"Very quick, easy and pleasant transaction with no problems at all. Took a lot off my mind and made it very easy. "

5 5 Michaela, Surrey

"Thank you for such a fast and immediate response, your company really is fantastic. I am very satisfied with your customer service! "

4 4 Dominic, Manchester

"A quick pleasurable experience. Staff were very efficient and friendly when I has questions to ask."

5 5 Amanda, Northampton

"In the beginning I was apprehensive as I was getting a lot of texts stating that I could get money but was being taken for a ride as over £70 was being taken out of my account and still no money wizz cash came to my rescue and were very professional and very clear what my repayments were and no upfront fees since then the texts to inform me about my payments are very helpful and the customer service has been excellent. "

4 4 Lorraine, UK

"The customer service was helpful and friendly,I was made to feel at ease and not embarrassed that I needed help "

5 5 Leanne , bradford

"You required various payslip and bank account details which was time consuming but understandable as you were lending me money, hopefully next time it will be more straight forward."

4 4 Malcolm , Reading

"Quick, easy and understanding."

5 5 Susan, Midlands

"The application was easy, quick and all the information i needed was there. The reminders are superb especially as i am very busy and forgetful. Thanks WizzCash.com"

5 5 Scott, Margate

"Quick and easy, money debited immediately, repayment reminders good. Would use again."

5 5 Rachel Casey, Lincoln

"Very good experience. Nice repayment terms. "

5 5 sarah, haydock

"easy and convenient"

4 4 Ruth Sansom, St Albans

"Wizzcash were really quick. The initial filling out of the form was straight forward and not confusing.The phone call for final confirmation was right on time. The cash deposited, again in excellent time, and the repayment plan allows me to clear the loan wirh minimum fuss and I shall certainly recommend their services ti friends and family!! Thank you Wizzcash!"

5 5 Jeannette, Kent

"Very straight forward. All explained very good"

5 5 stephen, Kirkcaldy

"website is easy to follow application process is quick and decision and money transfer only take a few minutes all that you should expect in applying for short term loan. Will be using again. "

5 5 Lara, Portadown

"Very easy to deal with and with 3 repayments its straight forward and easy to manage. I would definitely use wizzcash again and I would recommend them to a friend also. "

4 4 Danielle , Redcar, Cleveland

"Perfect quick easy "

4 4 Andrew, Glasgow

"It was fast quick and you were totally true to your word and totally professional I would and have recommended your company to others and your interests rates are good too. Thank you"

5 5 stuart, essex

"Extremely helpful and I would use them again."

4 4 Patric, London

"The process was easy, fast and straight forward, no awkward phone calls. Rates are better than some lenders"

5 5 Nicola, LANCASHIRE

"Brilliant helped me out very much when i needed it. Thank you"

5 5 Tracey, Romsey

"Quick and efficient with no stress. Kept well informed via email. "

5 5 Sian, Nottingham

"Great Customer Service, am very happy with everything"

5 5 Craig , London

"It was quick, easy and all the staff i spoke too were very helpful. It also helps that you are an English speaking helpline, too many are diverted to foreign countries."

4 4 Lloyd, Windsor

"It was quick and easy and the people are really friendly on the phone would definitely recommend!"

5 5 Karen, Durham

"Very fast and very convenient, customer service could not have been better I would recommend them to others and if I needed I would certainly use them again"

5 5 Sarah, Southampton

"Very reassuring and good customer service"

4 4 Patricia, Worcester

"Very Fast , Very Effective, Very Simple Just Great ."

5 5 Sandy, Glasgow

"Its the best ,fast. Easy loan company ever and I will recommend them big time"

5 5 Viliame T, Gloucester

"Easy application form, polite and swift customer service response. Good rates and a more convenient period to pay of the loan. Reminders meant I never missed a payment so no unnecessary charges were made. "

5 5 Emma H, Essex

"I would like to thank wizzcash.com for a good service. They have been very responsive and provided me with quick responses. During the repayment process they were very supportive and patient. Thank you"

5 5 Nanette, Middlesex

"Very simple and straight forward. Customer Services always respond to any queries very quickly. Very pleased."

5 5 Shannon, Norwich


4 4 Jenny, Belfast

"It was quick and easy. Customer service was excellent."

4 4 Zena, Essex

"Very happy with the service"

5 5 Jelena, Gloucester

"It was just what I needed as I couldn't extend my overdraft, having bad credit history it makes finance difficult and as it was the wrong end of the month for wages, they helped me massively. The three month split making managing the repayment easier. Would DEFF use it again."

5 5 JJ, Northampton

"In a stressful situation the service was speedy and helpful. "

5 5 Julie, Gloucestershire


5 5 Oliver, Essex

"Would recommend to anyone for first time finance!"

4 4 Nathan, Hull

"It was quick and easy to fill in the forms. I had issues with one of my repayments but once i rang customer services and explained they let me push it back a week with just a little fee added on for late repayment. The lady i spoke with was understanding and very helpful. I have now repaid my loan and will happily use the service again if need be."

5 5 Odette, Newcastle Upon Tyne

"Was quick and easy with great customer care and service. Would recommend to anyone need a short term loan at affordable repayments. Thanks"

5 5 Ross, Glasgow

"Hassle free and quick."

3 3 Jonathan, Birmingham

"Short term loans as they should be. I really hope that Wizzcash is the future."

4 4 Alex, Derby

"Great experience, a very good loan provider"

4 4 Natalie, York

"The fact that once I had sent an email, the reply took literally a matter of minutes to get a reply. I had to scan a playslip from job, this was replied to very quickly as well. This is something that is not done in this modern day - A very refreshing change! Please keep it up, and hopefully other companies will follow suit! Thanks again"

5 5 Leighton, Hertfordshire

"Great experience and very reasonable rates of interest. The flexibility of the loan allows repayment over 3 months which is great."

5 5 Dan, London

"Fast and easy to apply, and excellent customer service."

5 5 James, Oldham

"I found them very helpful! And they knew I needed to get a loan with in the hour of sorting it out! They rung me ASAP when everything was in place, thank you for your help! Regards Natalie "

4 4 Natalie, London

"It was very good.Wizzcash were very helpful and understanding. Thank you."

5 5 Christopher, Berkshire

apr bar
  • Total Amount of Credit: £200  
  • Duration of the Agreement: 90 days
  • Total Amount Repayable: £291.18 to be re-paid in 3 equal instalments of £97.06 on your next 3 pay days
  • Interest is Fixed at a rate of 264% per year - 0.72% interest per day
  • Representative APR 993%
  • Total Amount of Credit: £200  
  • Duration of the Agreement: 365 days
  • Total Amount Repayable: £387.45 to be re-paid in 12 equal instalments of £32.29 on your next 12 pay days
  • Interest is Fixed at a rate of 144% per year - 0.39% interest per day
  • Representative APR 297%

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk