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We offer payday loans for unexpected bills

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Representative Example

Total amount of credit : £300
Duration of the agreement: 90 days
Installment one
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Installment three
Repayment total
Interest is Fixed at rate of 292% per year - 0.8% interest per day | Representative 1265% APR

What are payday loans?

Payday loans are short-term loans of small amounts that are designed to cover emergency expenses or to provide financial aid to people until they next get paid – hence the name payday loans. Payday loans typically range from £100 to £1,000. For more information read our payday loans FAQs page.

What are payday loans for?

People usually opt for a payday loan to pay for things like:

  • Boiler repairs and other urgent home repairs.
  • Emergencies like sudden dental work or vet bills.
  • Essentials, or a bit of cash to provide financial aid.

Payday loans from a direct lender

If you take out payday loans with Wizzcash, you’re taking out a payday loan from a direct lender. As a direct lender for payday loans, we interact directly with you. We will directly fund anyone that has a successful application with us. That means no upfront fees, a simple and fuss-free payday loan application process, no hidden extras and an all-round convenient way to manage your finances when you’re in need of a little help. If we are not able to help you we will always try to find you a similar or alternative consumer credit product with a regulated FCA company. Wizzcash has been voted one of the best payday loan direct lenders by independent review company www.readies.co.uk. Our customers have rated us over 4.6 stars for  Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Flexibility.

Borrow from an approved payday loan lender

When looking for a suitable payday loan, it’s always recommended to deal with a reputable lender. That means one who is committed to responsible and fair lending, like Wizzcash. To give yourself as much peace-of-mind as possible:

  • Take out a payday loan with a lender approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), like Wizzcash.
  • Ensure you’re able to make the payday loan repayments on time, so you don’t risk slipping into debt.
At Wizzcash, we put responsible lending at the heart of everything we do and are fully committed to the FCA’s price cap charging structure. If you’re looking for a safe and fair payday loans provider, turn to Wizzcash.

What is a 3 month instalment loan

This type of loan allows customers to make 3 equal monthly repayments over 3 months. This provides our customers with a more manageable repayment process to ensure they can safely pay back on time. Customers can borrow up to £1000. Successful applicants will receive the requested loan in one lump sum within the hour. “Wizzcash are very reliable, fast and have great customer service” P.Sampson (March 2018)

How does an instalment loan work?

Let's say you're a first-time customer and want to borrow £300 over a 3 month period. That would make your interest £154.26, so the total amount to pay back would be £454.26. Repayments for this loan would therefore be equal monthly instalments of £151.42, paid back over 3 months.

How Do 3 Month Payday Loans Work?

A short-term loan for 3 months from a direct lender like Wizzcash is different to a traditional payday loan in that you would pay it back in three instalments, rather than one lump sum. The Wizzcash 3 month instalment loan is paid back over a set period of time: choose this 3-month instalment loan. To take out a payday loan with Wizzcash, you will need to be:

  • At least 18 years of age.
  • A UK resident.
  • In current employment, taking home at least £750 a month.

About payday loans and responsible lending

At Wizzcash, when we review a payday loan application, we treat it responsibly. Our aim is to always:

  • Treat our customers fairly.
  • Be transparent.
  • Only lend payday loans to people we feel will be able to repay.
To help us do this we: Payday loan companies do not always have the best reputation. We are working hard to change that by putting our customers first and investing in responsible lending.

What checks are done for payday loan applications?

To assess you for a payday loan application, we run a number of checks, including:

  • Credit score check – we always check credit scores and use this to make our decision on your payday loan.
  • Employment check – we only lend to people in employment.
  • Affordability stress test – we look at what you want to borrow with what you can afford to repay.
We also offer a flexible repayment plan, allowing you to pay back your payday loan in easy repayments rather than one lump sum.

Other forms of credit

As well as payday loans, other forms of credit may be available to you. Sensible alternatives include:

  • Credit unions.
  • Authorised overdraft.
  • Credit card.
  • Company loan.
  • Bank of Mum and Dad – or another suitable family member.
However, if you’ve exhausted all of these, we’re pleased to offer Wizzcash as a viable, responsible alternative. Used properly, payday loans are available to pay for emergency spending.

Customers that apply with wizzcash.com, but are not successful, will be passed to an alternative loan provider. We will never pass on your card details to any other organisation

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