How To Save Money On Holiday

We all look forward to our summer holidays, it’s time to switch off from work and spend time exploring somewhere new. Whether you are going for a lazy beach holiday or a fun-packed family holiday, money worries are the last thing you need. If something happens on your holidays and you need some extra money, taking out a short term loan can help in an emergency but there are ways you can go on holiday without spending a lot. If your budget is tight this year, here’s how to save money while you are away.

Travel Off-Peak

It’s common knowledge that the school holidays and busy festive seasons, like Christmas and New Year, are the most expensive times to go on holiday. If you have the luxury of being able to choose when you go on holiday, try to avoid booking flights between late July and August and between December and January, to save yourself a considerable amount of money. Take advantage of flight comparison websites to find some good deals and cheap flights. However, if you are booking a family holiday and need to wait until the kids have broken up from school you can still save money by booking flights in unpopular times, such as very early in the morning or very late at night. Flying on a weekday tends to be cheaper than weekend flights too.

Go Food Shopping

If you are staying in accommodation which has access to catering facilities, even if it is just a basic set up, take advantage of them. Going food shopping when you arrive may not seem like the most enjoyable activity to start your holiday but it can help you to save money on expensive pool bar snacks and drinks throughout the week. Stock up on ingredients for easy-to-cook meals and snacks you can take with you on days out, so you don’t get caught out. If you do want to eat out, or don’t have access to cooking facilities, remember prices at landmarks and popular tourist destinations are usually elevated, so try to find places which are frequented by locals.

Use Public Transport

If you need to get around while you’re on holiday, consider using public transport instead of hiring a car for the week. In most popular tourist destinations, a specialist bus service is provided. It is usually possible to purchase a weekly ticket, or a family pass, at a reduced rate to allow you to travel for the entire week. Alternatively, explore on foot whenever possible. You’ll be able to save money and get more of a feel for the local culture.

Avoid Using Your Phone

Many people consider being able to switch off their phone something of a novelty these days. However, reducing the amount of time you spend on your phone when you are on holiday could also help you to save money as well as help you to enjoy your holiday more. This is because data roaming costs and the cost of sending a text are usually elevated when you are outside of the UK. Some phone companies offer special deals for customers who are going on holiday, so it could be worth doing some research before you travel if you do want to stay connected why you are away.

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