How To Save Money On Your Pet

Buying and owning a pet, for a lot of people, is high up on their bucket list. But it’s not as simple as just finding the money to buy the animal of your choice. The cost of owning a pet can be extensive and most definitely ongoing, and unfortunately lack of funds is one of the highest reasons for animals being in shelters across the UK. While a short term loan can get some pet owners out of a financial emergency, we’ve gathered together some ways for you to save money on your pet, and hopefully avoid any unexpected costs along the way.

Spay/Neuter your pet

Having your pet spayed or neutered can save any unexpected surprises in the future. The cost of owning and raising one pet is enough, but most people may not be able to afford a full litter if their pet happened to get pregnant, or the responsibility of taking on the litter if their pet got another pregnant. Spaying or neutering your pet from a young age will not only avoid this happening altogether, but can also help avoid some health and behavioural problems in the future.

Bulk buy

Buying in bulk might not always look like you’re saving very much money – after all, a smaller bag of food will look cheaper than the larger bags – but more often than not the larger bag is better value for money. The cost per pound of food is usually higher on smaller bags than the larger ones, and so it might be worth looking into what sizes your pets preferred food comes in. You should also consider buying higher quality foods to help avoid your pet growing ill and having to visit the vet.

Be prepared for unexpected costs

Vet bills are something that most, if not all pets will make you pay at some point in their life. While we all hope that our pets stay happy and healthy throughout their entire lives, it’s not always that simple. Try finding a good insurance deal if your breed of pet is prone to illness or health issues, or set aside some money when you can just in case you have an unexpected visit to the vet. Having that buffer will stop you having to pay the eye-watering bills straight out of your pocket.

Adopt rather than buy

Adopting pets is something that has always been around, but that can put people off when it comes to owning a pet. While some pets available for adoption might be difficult to handle or have certain requirements that a person may not be able to provide, there are plenty of pets in shelters, and there will always be at least one to fit your environment and needs. Adopted pets need a second chance, and can often be hundreds of pounds cheaper than buying a pet straight from a breeder.

Groom at home

Buying a few basic tools like a brush, shampoo and a tooth-brushing kit can save you hundreds by helping you avoid going to the groomers. Giving your pet a bath – if you can! – and brushing them out will keep them healthy and clean, and brushing their teeth can improve not only their oral health, but their breath too. There’s nothing worse than a dog with bad breath, and simply brushing their teeth every day or so can not only improve their health, but save the pennies in grooming, and potential vet bills.


Exercise is vital for your pet. Whether it’s walking a dog, letting a cat roam around, or buying a wheel for your hamster, pets need exercise. An idle pet is one that is prone to health problems, and health problems means more vet bills in the future that will cost you more than a walk around the park would.

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