Save Money This Summer – The Wizzcash Top Tips

So Summer is now officially upon us (or sadly perhaps still some months away for those of you who are reading this in a different season) and many of us are thinking about – or already have been on – our first holiday of the season. With this in mind (and with holidays of course often being a large drain on your finances) we have put together this guide for in an attempt to help you in your money-saving Summer endeavours. It’s our hope to provide you with some handy tips and tricks regarding money-saving or you can use some of the information below in a larger money-saving strategy. We also have money-saving tips for Autumn, too!

Save Money This Summer – The Wizzcash Top Tips

Reconsider Expensive Habits – Sunny weather can sometimes increase the desire to smoke and to drink, and this can be costly (as well as detrimental to health). If possible, reconsidering these two habits and either replacing them with alternatives, reducing them or removing them entirely could help to save you a large sum of money this Summer.

Consider Attending Festivals For Free – There are a couple of different ways you can attend festivals for free. One of the most popular and generally the easiest way to attend a festival for free is to volunteer to work at the festival of your choice. Nearly all of the main festivals (in the U.K) will offer this type of deal, and work options range from chefs/porters in food tents or food vans, or litter picking/stewarding with a charity or with a separate organisation. You will, more often than not, work on a rota system (that is itself not set in stone) so you can swap with other people to see your favourite acts! You will also get your ticket for free, and you may also be provided with some meals but this will vary between festivals, employers (in the case of food stalls/vans) and charities/organisations (in the case of litter pickers).

Another way to attend festivals for free is to attend free festivals. There are popular and well-regarded free festivals occurring all Summer and across the U.K – mostly these celebrate a particular theme or subject matter. Check to see if there are any occurring in your local area! You can also check your local events calendar, such as those hosted in Time Out. An example of which (with London as the example city in question) can be found here.

Set A Summer Budget – Setting yourself an overarching Summer budget can help you to save money in the long-term, and also in the short-term as well if you plan for holidays and events within this budget. The sorts of things that you can include in your summer budget are:

  • A total of what you are willing/wanting to spend for the Summer
  • The money you want to spend on travel (flight for your holiday for example, or fuel costs to and/from an event)
  • What you want to spend on your holiday, and also what you want to spend at planned events such as festivals
  • Your accommodation during your holidays
  • Sun cream, Summer accessories, new clothes/new shoes for your holiday or for the Summer

A good suggestion would be to consider and then make note of all of your potential expenditure, no matter how big or how small, incorporate these into your budget and then be strict with sticking to this budget. This way, every attempt is made to ensure that overspending does not occur. When things don’t go to plan when you are travelling abroad, there are regulating bodies in the industry that could help you get home safely, at no extra cost to yourself. However, if something you are liable for has gone wrong, a payday loan could give you the little financial boost you need to get home.

Pack Your Food And Drink – Whilst this is a very general Summer saving tip, it can be applied to almost every type of event and excursion. Feeding a family of 5 for example, on a day out to the beach or to the fare, can be very expensive (as in this we include lunch/dinner plus an ice cream for everyone). If you can, therefore, pack lunches or food for dinner for the family, you could end up saving money on the cost of eating out. With pre-prepared meals you could give yourself the added benefit of being able to provide much healthier food.

Be Savvy With Accommodation – This point consists of a couple of different aspects each of which is designed to help you to save money whilst at home or abroad (in the case of a staycation or an overseas holiday). Instead of spending lots of money on a 4 star hotel, or similar, you can consider looking into booking an Airbnb. Airbnb properties can be cheaper on the whole, and you can filter the search results for your chosen area so that you only see places that offer an entire house or flat. This way, instead of a hotel room, you are renting an entire property for the duration of your Summer holiday. With an Airbnb also, you afford yourself the chance to purchase food from a local market/supermarket, which could save money on food costs, whilst also proffering the opportunity to enjoy some local produce.

If you do want or would prefer a hotel then sites such as Kayak, Lastminute, and Trivago could help you to compare prices, nab last-minute deals – ensuring that you are finding the best price available on the web. Using as many price comparison sites as possible could help you to secure the best possible deal. Signing up to specific price alerts could also assist you in acquiring a cheap hotel room deal, as well as flights. For the latter, Skyscanner provides an excellent specific flight tracking tool, which you can find here. You could also sign up to Google flight alerts, and Kayak also has a very useful price alert function.

Save Money On Gym Fees

If you want to save money on gym fees, which can be expensive and restrictive regarding your gym contract, then you could ditch the free-weights and embrace the outside. There are many ways in which you can   exercise on a budget, as follows:

  • You could do cardio by jogging outside, cycling, or walking at a fast pace (what you can ultimately do will depend upon your fitness levels)
  • You could play sports in a public park with friends, such as football or basketball should the court for the latter be available. You could also play tennis on a local court.

Not only could these save you money but they could improve your health and improve your overall fitness levels.

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