Staycations On A Budget – Our Top Tips

With summer now well and truly upon us, it is time to start planning (or at the very least thinking about) our summer holidays! We understand here at Wizzcash that holidays in general can be expensive, and we also know that that expense increases massively if you are planning a trip abroad that includes the kids. That is why we have put this guide together so that you can learn some tips and tricks for having a staycation on a budget, saving precious pounds that might be better used repaying an emergency loan, saving up for something special or just putting it away for a rainy day. Just in case the term “staycation” is new to you, it refers to having a holiday in your home country, in your own town or somewhere a little further afield and will generally include activities that are cost effective and/or local.

Staycations On A Budget – Our Top Tips

In this section, we will outline for you our top tips for having an amazing staycation on a budget! Read on to learn more.

Visit your local park, nature reserve or woodland: You would be surprised how many hidden gems there are in regards to parks, reserves and woodlands which are often just a stones throw away from your doorstep. A visit to one of the aforementioned locations can be a great day out for all of the family, remember to pack a picnic basket and a ball of choice (football, rugby ball etc) if you visit a local park, and prepare yourself to maybe even encounter some interesting wildlife in the woods!

Look for museums or art galleries that are free to enter and easy to get to: Museums and art galleries are one of the best staycation activities around. They are also an excellent way to add a learn something new to your staycation. Many local museums and galleries are free to enter, or instead of tickets ask for a charity donation at the door. You could learn a lot at a local museum, from local history to dinosaurs. At an art gallery, you can support the local art scene, or learn more about an artistic movement!

Hunt for free festivals to celebrate a staycation in style: Many local towns and cities will host numerous free festivals each year. These festivals can be incredibly diverse, with such themes as: celebrating a love or a passion for exotic beers/ciders, festivals for children, medieval-themed events as well as music festivals celebrating unknown and local artists.

Locate the local areas of historical/social/political significance: If you live in or live close to a sizeable town, then you could locate the areas of significance that are worth a visit. These could be such things as local landmarks, memorials, examples of exciting architecture, churches/cathedrals – and much more besides. You could also create for yourself (or locate online) a tour before heading out on your adventure of your local town which can include all of the areas of significance.

Groupon can have some excellent and cost-effective deals: You could check Groupon regularly to make sure you are keeping abreast of all the best deals that don’t break your budget and offers for activities and days out that are happening in your local area. Remember, when these are gone, they are gone! The kinds of things available via Groupon are:

  • Discounted zoo trips
  • Discounted spa days
  • Afternoon tea for 2 (or more)
  • Trips to museums or art galleries
  • Meal deals and offers for restaurants

Turn your back garden into a campsite: This can be an incredibly fun activity especially if you are going to enjoying your staycation with your children. To make the day even more exciting you can team up outside camping with a BBQ or a paddling pool, or both! Don’t be afraid to bring your TV or favourite electronics outside with you, just remember the extension cord!

Take a trip to the beach: We appreciate that not everybody lives in driving distance to a beach. If you do live far away from a beach you could always explore the option of getting the train. A day trip to the beach can be a fantastic time for all the family, if you choose the right day and are lucky with the weather – and remember to bring a picnic and a bucket and spade!

Enjoy what the U.K has to offer: If you are willing to travel a little further afield (depending on your current location of course) then the U.K has some truly amazing staycation locations. We will include below a few of our favourites but of course these will differ depending on your preferences, and how far you are willing to travel:

  • Edinburgh
  • London
  • Brighton
  • Cornwall (Padstow particularly!)
  • York
  • Bristol
  • The Lake District National Park (Cumbria)

Travel costs can be expensive, but it is possible to get deals on travel fares, too.

Go for a hike or a bike ride: It can be amazing what you can find when you do a little bit of research. Your local area may well have hidden within or around it numerous exciting cycle paths, routes, or off-road trails. The same can be said for hiking or jogging routes – if fitness or exercise is of interest to you and your staycation partner/group then this may well be something that you want to include in your agenda.

Have a marathon of an event or pastime: This tip is of course really open to interpretation and it could always be best practice to choose an event or pastime that is a family favourite! Common examples of marathons that are included within a staycation are movie marathons, (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings) or boardgame marathons (Cluedo, Monopoly). If the kids are going to be involved, then you can go one step further with the marathon idea and dress up to match the theme – complete with fancy dress and face makeup; this is most suited to the movie marathon idea.

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