Top Tips To Save Money On Your Commute

For some of us, it can feel like going to work is barely worth the costs and stress we incur to get there. A commute is necessary for a lot of us, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive or as stressful as tradition suggests. While there is the option of a short term loan in an emergency, saving the pennies on your commute can ultimately make going to work that little bit more worthwhile, and we’ve pulled together some of the best tips on how to do just that.

Car Share

Sharing a car to work will cut the cost of the commute for everyone involved in the car share. You can alternate who drives, or work out contributions to petrol if only one person can or will drive. Liftshare is a site that can also give you the opportunity to link up with other people in your area who are going to the same, or similar places and will car share with you if you have no one at your office nearby. It’ll reduce fuel bills, make your journey more interesting, and help to reduce how many cars are actually on the road.

Bike or Walk

If your commute is relatively short, you could consider biking or walking to work and back. With cycle paths or relatively safe roads, you can reach most places by bike, and aside from the initial cost of the bike, there are no fuel costs to consider every week. Check if your work has access to any Cycle to Work schemes that might get you discounts on a bike of your choice and the necessary safety gear. Walking on the other hand is another free and healthy way to get to and from work. While walking after work while you’re tired may not seem like the most appealing idea, the walk can actually help you get to know your area and quirky shortcuts you didn’t know about before.

Public Transport

Your local bus service or train service may not cover a door-to-door commute, but getting closer and then walking or cycling the rest of the way can be a cheaper way to get to work. Travel cards can discount the cost of travel a surprising amount, though sometimes the upfront cost can seem like a lot to pay out all at once.

Cut your Motoring costs

Driving more efficiently, switching off your air conditioning and opening your windows, checking your tyre pressure and lightening your load can all mean cheaper commuting costs. Driving efficiently will lower the overall cost of fuel by making you burn far less of it, and avoiding braking or accelerating sharply can stop you from wearing down your brakes faster.

Pick the Right Time

Try and get going earlier than rush hour whenever you can. You’ll burn less gas on a straight run to work than you will sitting in traffic. Wasting gas by going nowhere in a long queue is wasting money, so try and learn alternative routes to and from work that avoid the busiest roads, or leave earlier and find something to do once you arrive near work if you can’t get into your office or place of work early.

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