Transport On A Budget – Tips To Save You Money

Nobody likes spending money on travel. Everybody, therefore, wants to or would like to, save money on their travel costs. With a whole host of different travel options available, from the humble pushbike to the coach, travelling between point A and point B has never been more diverse, or expensive! With this in mind, we will be dividing this guide into 4 separate and distinct sections. Each section will be devoted to a specific mode of transport and will highlight for you our suggestions regarding saving money with the said transport mode.

Travelling By Car

Most people nowadays will travel frequently by car. It is the most common method of travel as well as the most convenient. It is also unfortunately quite expensive. Fuel, repair costs, tax, MOT etc all add up to an expensive method of travel. You can save money on car travel by:

  • Carpooling and sharing the costs of fuel (whilst also reducing your mileage)
  • Instead of having a car each (for you and your partner) you could just have one car between the two of you and share its use
  • Shop around for car insurance – sites like Uswitch and CompareTheMarket are designed to help you find the best deal on your car insurance
  • Keeping your eyes peeled for deals that will bring down the cost of your fuel per litre could help to save you a lot of money (many supermarkets run these types of deals when you spend a certain amount in-store). Furthermore, the website and app called Petrol Prices will let you compare the prices of petrol/fuel within a pre-defined radius.
  • Adopting fuel-saving driving techniques could help you to conserve fuel which could, in turn, save you money long-term. These techniques include such things as: not driving too fast, driving in the right gear, removing your roof rack, not over-revving the engine, not using air conditioning and keeping your tyres at the right pressure.
  • Of course, one of the best ways to save money on your travel costs would be to cycle where possible and make use of public transport at any given opportunity.
  • You could also consider a hybrid vehicle, or a fully electric vehicle, as this could dramatically cut down your fuel costs, could be kinder on your wallet in general and can in turn help to reduce your daily emissions.

Travelling By Train

Train fares are subject to constant change, and the cost of train tickets seem to be on a consistently upward trajectory. However, there are a great many different things that you can do to save yourself money on train travel costs:

  • Consider getting yourself a railcard. With the introduction of the 26-30 railcard, more people than ever can benefit from a third off all off-peak rail fares. Additionally, you can also purchase a railcard for elderly individuals, disabled individuals, a network railcard (for those aged 31 and 59) as well as a family and friends railcard and a two together railcard, all of which offer the holder a third of all off-peak rail fares.
  • If you are going to be travelling frequently from point A to point B, consider a weekly, a monthly or maybe even a yearly ticket as this could save you a lot of money in the long-run.
  • Booking ahead of time (in advance) could save a lot of money when compared to buying your tickets on the day of travel. This is because many of the advance rail fares are offered at a discounted rate. You could also set up an alert for when tickets go on sale (this feature available via Trainline). There are booking fees when buying from Trainline, Skyscanner and LNER are both viable alternatives.
  • Lastly, make sure that you understand the difference between on-peak and off-peak. The former refers to the morning and tickets purchased for this time may end up more expensive. Off-peak is any time that is not referred to as on-peak. This will vary from travel provider (Northern Rail to Greater Anglia, for example) so you could do some research before you travel, adjusting travel times if necessary.

Travelling By Pushbike

Travelling via pushbike (or pedal bike) is already an extremely cost effective method of transport and is considerably cheaper than travelling via car, train, or even coach on a regular basis. Therefore, generally speaking, if you want to save money, attempt to use a pushbike wherever/whenever possible. There are ways that you can save money with a pushbike however, as follows:

  • Maintenance of a pushbike can be one of the major costs associated with their use. You could secure yourself either insurance for your bike and its upkeep or a maintenance package from a reputable supplier of bikes, such as Halfords. The gold service package from Halfords will cost you £80 per year, but provides you with a massive maintenance package. Click here to see all of the other benefits of a Halfords gold package.
  • Learning simple bike maintenance can also help to save you money. Instead of taking your bike to a workshop to get fixed every time you have a puncture, watch some video tutorials or read some guides that will teach you how to resolve the issue yourself. Please only attempt the repair if you are confident that you can complete it safely and successfully.
  • If your bike does break or is beyond repair – you could buy second hand! Alternatively, you can consider finance options on new bikes, as these are available at most reputable and large bike stores.

Travelling By Coach

This is another cost effective method of travel, especially for long distances; remaining cost effective for U.K based travel (London to Edinburgh for example) as well as travel from the U.K to the E.U (London to Amsterdam for example). Whilst travelling via coach can be vastly cheaper than train travel, there are still ways in which you can save yourself money on coach travel (do bear in mind though that the travel times are in many cases significantly higher than other modes of transport!):

  • Keep your eyes peeled for promotional codes, discounts, vouchers or special offers from the 2 biggest operators: National Express and Megabus. Comparing the prices and deals on offer from each provider (as well as other local providers) could also help to save you money. You can check out the offers from National Express, and Megabus. Coach price comparison sites such as are perfect for this use.
  • Booking in advance could help to save you significant sums of money on all coach fares.
  • A coachcard (that saves you a third on all coach travel) are cheap and will pay for themselves if you travel via coach frequently.


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