Here at Wizzcash, we provide emergency loans to those individuals who need emergency financial assistance and who also fulfil our eligibility criteria. Our emergency cash loans are another name for our payday/short-term loan products and they are essentially one and the same. They are designed to be used by people who find themselves in extreme need of financial help/assistance, by those who have exhausted all other options regarding emergency funding. It is important that any emergency loan not be used as a solution to long-term debt issues or in any kind of debt consolidation capacity. We recommend that you only use an emergency loan from Wizzcash to help you in a sudden financial situation that can not itself be resolved by other means.

Responsible Emergency Loans

We are a responsible, FCA authorised and ethical lender here at Wizzcash and as such we have strict lending criteria that every application must pass before they can secure themselves an emergency payday loan. The lending criteria itself does include a credit check and an affordability check.

A good credit score is an important criterion when we look to approve a loan. However, we at Wizzcash will still consider those individuals with bad credit or a less than perfect credit score for our emergency loans as well. Emergency loans for bad credit are not a service or a product that we provide specifically however having a low or a poor credit score does not necessarily automatically disqualify you from getting yourself an emergency loan from us. Therefore, should your credit score be below average, for example, you still may be able to source an emergency loan from us. The criteria that you must meet are as follows:

  • You must be at least aged 18 at the time at which your application is made (we cannot provide any sort of emergency loan to individuals under the age of 18)
  • You must be a full-time and legal resident of the United Kingdom
  • You must be in a type of employment that facilitates the taking home (total pay after tax and national insurance has been deducted – where applicable) of at least £750 per month

If you do not meet the above criteria then unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with any form of emergency loan at this time.

Emergency Payday Loans

Our emergency payday loans are not to be used in non-emergency situations and we cannot condone the use of an emergency loan on a frivolous expense. We do not have restrictions or strict controls over the spending or the use of your emergency loan however we suggest that you only use the funding that you source yourself from us in an emergency situation. Emergency loans can be used for:

Medical Emergencies:

  • Needing sudden dental work as a result of an accident or the deterioration of an existing condition, for yourself or for an immediate family member
  • Needing to pay for private medical care for yourself or for an immediate family member
  • Needing to pay for veterinary care for the family pet

Household Emergencies:

  • To repair or replace an essential household appliance, such as an oven or a fridge/freezer
  • To restore functionality of your boiler and/or your heating system. This is especially important during the winter months, though is of course equally important should your home or dwelling rely on a boiler for gas (to the cooker) for heating and for hot water
  • To put right damages that have taken place in the home that are not covered by your home insurance or contents insurance policy (if applicable). Examples of this would be flood damage, fire damage, or damages to the pipes, plumbing or electrical system(s) of your home

Emergency Repairs:

  • The emergency repairs would apply to something such as your vehicle, especially if your vehicle is used to travel to and from work and being without it would mean that you are unable to get to your place of work. The same would apply in this instance to a push bike or a motorbike
  • To repair or replace a laptop or an electronic device that is essential to your work

The above are simply examples and there are further instances of each situation that would constitute the taking out of an emergency loan. It is important that you use the above examples as a basis to understand whether or not your current situation would indeed constitute an emergency that could warrant the acquisition of emergency funding.

Applying For An Emergency Loan

Applying for an emergency loan is simple and straightforward with us here at Wizzcash. We have streamlined the entire process which takes place solely online, and can be started here. We only require the information from you that will allow us to make an informed decision regarding your loan application, this includes information that will facilitate the commencement of our credit and affordability checks. Once you have submitted your application to us, all you have to do is await the outcome of your application and should you be accepted, you could have the emergency loan amount in your account within one working day. This quick turnaround time has been implemented so that you can have quick access to your emergency cash loan, as often the situations as listed above require immediate attention and swift action. With Wizzcash, you are able to apply to borrow from between £200 and £1000. We only allow for the borrowing of your chosen loan amount over a period of 3 months. We believe that this makes the repayment of the loan simpler and easier, whilst being more cost-effective than a loan product with a repayment time of 12 months or more.

Emergency Loans For Bad Credit

If you need an emergency loan and have bad credit, you can still apply for a loan with us here at Wizzcash. Having a bad credit score will not automatically exclude you from securing an emergency loan as we look at and analyse a wide range of different factors when we make our loan decision, credit score being just one of them. Therefore, as stated above, we do not create or supply emergency loans for bad credit specifically as a separate product however we may still be able to provide you with a loan if you meet all of our eligibility criteria. We understand and appreciate that often a credit score is not representative of an individual’s current financial situation and/or needs.

Why Choose Wizzcash For Your Emergency Funding

Here at Wizzcash, we believe strongly in ethical lending practices and make sure that we adhere to all rules, regulations and laws that have been put into action (designed specifically to protect the loanee) by the FCA and by the U.K government. In making your application with us, if we are unable to provide you with an emergency loan then we are set up to be able to connect you to a panel of different U.K based consumer credit companies who may be able to offer you assistance. This way, you increase your chances of successfully securing the funding that you need.