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4.5Wizzcash is rated 4.8 / 5 based on 77 reviews from the last 12 months. Read our reviews is an online lender offering payday loans. With a competitive rate of 993% APR we are cheaper than other payday lenders in the market. Applicants can borrow up to £300 for their first loan and this can increase to up to £1,000 for repeat customers who meet our credit and affordability checks. Customers have the choice to repay their loans over 3 months or 12 months in equal monthly instalments.

Our Payday Loan Products

3 month payday loans

Our 3 month loan product offers customers greater flexibility because they can spread their loan repayment over a longer period of time. With a standard payday loan, borrowers must repay the full amount in one lump sum on their next payday. This type of loan provides our customers with a more manageable repayment process.

12 month payday loans

A 12 month loan from offers the customer even more control over their finances as they can stagger repayments over an entire year. Paying back in 12 equal monthly instalments, this type of loan product resembles a payday loan because you are repaying on your pay date when you receive your salary. With our 12 month loan product, customers can repay early at any time, with no early repayment fee.


"Extremely simple, no hassle or fuss. Unlike other loan companies, wizzcash actually care about the customer and take time ensuring you can afford the loan." David, London


We are a Direct Lender

  • No Fees for Applying
  • Quick Approval
  • No Early Repayment Fee


How the application works

Our application takes around 5 minutes to complete and we ask you to fill in some basic details regarding your residence, household expenses and employment. We require you to enter your bank card details so that we can run a credit check on your account and so that we know the correct account to send your funds to. Once you have completed the application, we will run some automated checks and you will receive an instant decision on the page letting you know if you have been provisionally accepted or not. Read more...

What criteria do payday lenders look for?

The majority of lenders use credit checks when assessing a loan application. There are no secrets to beating the system because each lender has their own set of requirements. A successful application could be based on age, employment and the status of other outstanding loans.

At, we take responsible lending very seriously. Therefore, loan candidates must meet the below criteria to apply. We also undertake a number of credit checks to ensure the suitability of our candidates.

·         Minimum 20 years of age

·         UK resident

·         In current employment and take home a minimum of £750 a month

What credit checks do we do?

We work with credit reference agencies including Experian and Equifax to run credit checks and access a customer’s suitability for a loan with us. A credit check presents a score which gives an indication of how well the customer has paid various forms of credit in the past including mobile phones, credit cards and loans. Not keeping up with repayments will cause your credit score to drop whilst repaying your bills on time will maintain your credit score and even improve it. Read more...

Responsible lending is dedicated to responsible lending. By always running credit and affordability checks and having a strict criterion, it allows us to find the most suitable customers for the specific loans that we offer.  Our underwriting team will consider the individual circumstances of every customer with the intention to match what they wish to borrow and what they can afford to repay.

As part of our commitment to responsible lending, we encourage you to use sensible alternatives if they are available. UK charity Step Change offer a useful guide to payday loans which details information about payday loan alternatives. Think about trying a credit union if you’re a member, or using an authorised overdraft if you have space on it. Credit card funding, a company loan or simply friends and family could all still be a cheaper option. However, if you’ve exhausted all of these we’re pleased to offer as a viable, responsible alternative. Read more...

How to apply for payday loans from

We've created this video guide to explain how to apply for payday loans with

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We do not take applications over the phone. The application is 100% online.

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  • Total Amount of Credit: £200  
  • Duration of the Agreement: 90 days
  • Total Amount Repayable: £291.18 to be re-paid in 3 equal instalments of £97.06 on your next 3 pay days
  • Interest is Fixed at a rate of 264% per year - 0.72% interest per day
  • Representative APR 993%
  • Total Amount of Credit: £200  
  • Duration of the Agreement: 365 days
  • Total Amount Repayable: £387.45 to be re-paid in 12 equal instalments of £32.29 on your next 12 pay days
  • Interest is Fixed at a rate of 144% per year - 0.39% interest per day
  • Representative APR 297%

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to