Sometimes life throws you an emergency that you instantly need cash to solve. Car breakdowns and boilers on the blink are unfortunately things that often need urgent attention for life to carry on without major disruption. If an unexpected expense has cropped up in your life, one potential solution in the UK is to look into a same day loan. Same day loans are a fast fix that can help you get back on your feet and are quick and easy to apply for using our online system. Faster than filling in forms at a high street bank, once your loan is approved, the money could appear in your bank account the very same day.

What Is A Same Day Loan?

A ‘same day loan’ is a service offered by lenders who have the means to approve and fund applicants within 24 hours. Sometimes ‘same day loans’ are referred to as ‘same day payday loans’, if a plan has been put in place for the loan to be paid back on the applicants’ next payday. While there are a considerable number of payday loan companies out there, not all of them are able to credit the money you urgently need into your account so quickly.

At Wizzcash, we have the means to provide fast acceptance and fast payments within the same working day of your application in most cases, dependant on your financial situation, the time at which you apply and the details you provide us with.

“Extremely simple, no hassle or fuss. Unlike other loan companies, Wizzcash actually care about the customer and take time ensuring you can afford the loan.” – David, London

How Do I Apply For A Same Day Loan?

Applying for same day loans online with Wizzcash could not be simpler. We’ve even produced a helpful video guide that explains how to apply and checks you are applying for the right product for your needs.

What Can Same Day Loans Be Used For?

Same day loans APR is often high as it includes default fees and interest rate on the calculation. However, as long as you borrow an amount and repay back on time you will not incur on a fee. It is still important that you keep these loans restricted to emergency scenarios. For example, if you need to get to work but your car breaks down or it’s the middle of the winter and your boiler has decided to give up the ghost, these are things that often require urgent attention and if you don’t have the funds you need in your bank account to address them instantly, they can make life incredibly stressful very quickly.

If you just cannot wait until payday to get it sorted, an online same day loan could be a solution to help you get back up and running. Just make sure that you only borrow what you need and can afford to make the repayments (aiming to repay within the next three months if possible) and a payday loan could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

We will run our own affordability checks to determine whether you’re likely to be able to afford the rates and repayment periods in line with FCA guidelines.

How Much Can I Borrow With A Same Day Payday Loan?

At Wizzcash, we offer customers in the UK same day loans of up to £1,000, and we will transfer your money on the same working day as your approval. These can be paid back at your convenience over a period of three months. This makes them different from your standard payday loan, which is generally required to be paid back at the end of the month in one lump sum. We understand that our customers sometimes need a little more time to pay back that loan that they took our for an urgent need, so we offer the option of instalment repayments to take the pressure off an already stressful situation.

Are There Alternatives To Same Day Loans?

Payday loans are often the last resort for those who have an urgent scenario and cannot source finances from anywhere else. Of course, if the idea of loaning money that you’re not sure you can afford to pay back is daunting you, there are alternatives that may suit you better. You’re always advised to speak to friends and family first; they might be able to lend you the cash you need without the interest rates. If not, there are credit unions, bank loans and government financial support which may be able to assist you. Why not take a look at our full guide?

When Will I Have To Pay Back My Same Day Loan?

Our understanding of unique customer circumstances means that we offer same day loans, where the costs of paying them back can be spread over three months. You can calculate and determine these costs through our online application form. You should also use our helpful online calculator to work out if you can afford your ideal loan.

Can I Get A Same Day Loan With Bad Credit?

If you are in need of urgent cash, you shouldn’t let any worries about your credit score stand in the way of an application. Thanks to the current economic state, a lot of people’s finances have been pushed to the brink and many do not have a perfect credit score. Here at Wizzcash, we appreciate that not every applicant will have a perfect credit score – those who have not borrowed before may not have a credit history for us to utilise.

However, we do not want these hard times to stand in your way, so our policy is to consider those with lower credit scores as well as higher ones for a same day loan. This does not guarantee that every request will be approved, as we still have to perform affordability checks on every applicant before making a responsible and informed lending decision.

Will Same Day Loans Affect My Credit Score?

The good news is a credit score tends to improve when you repay a loan on time. Thus you might improve your credit score unless you miss a repayment.

Why Should I Choose Wizzcash For My Same Day Loan?

Our aim is to eliminate any confusion caused by unnecessary jargon, hidden fees or complex forms and offer simple loans to help with your situation. In return, our customers have rewarded us with a 4.6/5 satisfaction score (Sourced 05/03/19 –

For same day loans in the UK, apply here with Wizzcash.