When you apply for a loan with wizzcash.com, you repay your loan over 3 months in equal monthly instalments. Paying in instalments offers greater flexibility than your typical payday loan since you’re able to keep the original money you borrowed for longer and pay back in smaller repayments rather than one lump sum.

The cost of a 3 month loan from wizzcash.com:


Payday loan lenders and short term loan companies are required to state the Representative APR in all of their communications because it is the general yardstick for comparing all financial products. The APR refers to the Annual Percentage Rate and is typically used for longer term products because it is based on a yearly interest. Therefore, to reflect the cost of a short term loan which may only last a few weeks, we encourage users to also consider the daily interest rate and the cost per £100 borrowed per month.

Cost of a 3 month loan

A 3 month loan from wizzcash.com has a representative APR of 1265% which is significantly cheaper than your typical payday loan. We charge a daily interest rate of [daily-interest] and charge £24.33 per £100 borrowed per month. Our 3 month loans are repaid in 3 equal monthly instalments and there are no fees for applying.

No early repayment fee

Whether you take out a loan for 3 months, at wizzcash.com there is no early repayment fee should you wish to repay your loan at any time. Best of all, you will only be charged the daily interest that you have had the loan open for – meaning that your loan will be cheaper.

This is part of our commitment to responsible lending. We want to be able to give customers the flexibility to repay over time and repay early so that they are in control of their finances.

Default Fee: We currently charge a one-off default fee of £15 where there is a late repayment on a 3 month loan.

How repayment works

We collect repayments automatically from your debit account using Continuous Payment Authority. When you fill in the application at the start of your loan, you enter your pay date which is the day you receive your salary from your employer, usually the last day of the month. When you complete the application and have been provisionally accepted, our underwriting team will call you to confirm a few details and we will always double check your pay date. Therefore, when your loan has been successful, the repayments will come out of your debit account automatically on your specified pay date.

How to apply

At wizzcash.com, our entire application is online and we do not take applications over the phone or by post. You can fill in our two-page application using a PC, mobile or tablet device. We ask you to fill in a few simple details regarding your residence, employment and bank account details. We require the latter so we can run a credit check on your account and so we know where to transfer your funds. If you have been provisionally accepted, our underwriting team will get in touch to confirm a few details with you over the phone and they may request a copy of your pay-slip or bank statement to confirm employment. If we have fully accepted your application, we can transfer funds within 1 hour.

We will always run a series of credit and affordability checks for every applicant before funding a loan. To be eligible to apply, customers must be over 18 years of age, living in the UK and in current employment earning over £750 per month.

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk