Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just around the corner. Like you, we can’t wait. How will these two awesome superheroes match up? Who will prove the most mighty? Who’ll battle the most enemies?

Yep, all these questions and more we want answers to. But, given we’re finance experts, you won’t be too surprised we’re more interested in how these two superheroes spend their money. So, with tongue firmly in cheek, we’ve created an infographic detailing what Batman and Superman’s wallets look like at the end of each month. Enjoy!

batman vs superman

Batman’s annual costs

Residence: £6.3m

Unlike Superman, Batman’s enjoyed a super-rich upbringing. Something of a socialite, he’s used to the finer things in life. We reckon his out-of-town gothic mansion cost him somewhere in the region of £6 million.

Food: £718,000

Batman’s human. Which is great. But like any human, he needs to eat if he wants to survive. And given he spends most of his time fighting the Bad Guys, he needs to eat well, and plenty. We’ve put Batman’s annual food bill (his shopping trolley’s piled high with carbs, protein and veg) at over £700,000.

Emergency fund: £18m

A wealthy lifestyle can have its drawbacks. You tend to find you need plenty of spare cash if you get in a fix. Thinking about all the things Batman’s got to maintain (Batmobile, property, his high-tech suit), we put the superhero’s reserve fund at £18 million. A bit much? Er, yeah, probably…

Staying in shape: £1.3m

Superman is one lucky so-and-so. His natural abilities mean he doesn’t really need to worry about keeping fit. But Batman certainly does. We reckon Batman’s got some super-pricey gym equipment down in his basement.

Bat attractor: £360,000

When he needs his comrades, Batman whips out his ultrasonic bat attractor to summon his friends. Such equipment doesn’t come cheap.

Elbow and knee pads: £14

The one expense Batman scrimps on. He was once quoted £1 million for some custom elbow pads with bullet-proof armour and built-in tracking. Pfft. George @ Asda suits him just fine.

Charity donation: £838

Like many rich folk, Batman has a Corporate Social Responsibility policy. His charity donation of choice? An annual donation to the Bat Conservation Trust. Natch. (Sorry).

Batmobile: 6.2m

It gets more expensive each year! The experts think the Batmobile in the new film costs in excess of £6 million.

Total cost of being Batman

When you add up keeping fit, maintaining the Batmobile, that annual charity donation and a whole lot more, the total cost of being Batman is a whopping £33.6 million.

Superman’s annual costs

Residence: £605

For residence costs, we checked out average prices for swish US city apartments – they cost nearly $2,000 a month. But, of course, Superman spends a lot of his time in his ice cave. We reckon he’s got some sort of shared ownership scheme going on, so we’ve halved the cost.

Food: £70

Supe doesn’t really need to eat. But given it’s important that he blends in when he’s being Clark Kent, he shells out for food when he needs to.

Emergency fund: £35

Another area Superman saves costs. Given he relies on his natural, sun-god-given abilities, if his powers were to fail him (kryptonite attack!) there wouldn’t be much he’d be able to do. Apart from take the subway.

Keeping fit: £639

Superman doesn’t need to work out! But you know what these city types are like – they love a gym session. Keen to fit in, Superman splashes out on a monthly gym membership so his colleagues don’t wonder if he’s secretly an alien or not.

Phoning home: £178

Any fan of the Superman films knows that for Supe, family’s a big deal. But when your brethren live on another planet, those phone calls aren’t cheap. He had a special phone line installed in his ice cave for Sunday night chats with the fam.

Kryptonite insurance: £1.4m

We all know that Superman and kryptonite don’t mix. Thankfully, he found a (probably dodgy) insurance company mad enough to cover him.

Laser eyes check up: £500

Of all his powers, Superman’s particularly proud of those laser eyes – able to burn through steel, pin villains up against walls and give the Evilest Stink Eye ever. But he needs to get them checked now and again.

Suit: £17

Superman doesn’t need to worry about investing in a mega high-tech suit to protect him.

Vehicle: £0

Zilch! Granted, he doesn’t get to cruise around town in a mega-machine, but what he lacks for in motoring pizzazz, he more than makes up for bank balance-wise.

Total cost of being Superman

Adding up that Kryptonite insurance, direct line to Krypton and special powers check-up, the total cost of being Superman is £1.4 million.

So there we have it. When it comes to cold, hard cash, Superman is the winner, hands down. We hope you’ve enjoyed our little bit of fun.

If you have any ideas for how else either Batman or Superman might spend their cash, let us know!